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Up early to catch the Tourist Tram ... hop on and hop off. Catherine, Mae, Fay & I needed to get our tourist hat on early as we had things to do in the afternoon.

Took the tram around the whole circuit once to hear the story of Christchurch. The two earthquakes truly changed the city sadly in the loss of lives but for the better in every other aspect.

Hopped off and walked to the cardboard church. cold calls oldest and most well known Anglican Church - Christ church was probably the face of the earthquake after the sadness of the loss of human life still remains as it was found 7 years ago . So several blocks away on the old CTV site (I think ) stands a “ temporarily” permanent or permanently temporary church made out of large recycled cardboard cylinders, shipping containers and some plastic stuff ( technical terminology) for the roofing.

Was greeted by the priest who had a great chat with us about Netball and of course sandpaper....

One block behind the church is the empty chair memorial. In a 185 sq m patch sits 185 chairs all painted white, all empty and all representing each individual whose life was lost. An artist named Samuel Fildes painted an empty chair and desk when he learned of Charles Dickens death. This image has be used across time . There were 2753 chairs in Bryant Park NYC facing towards the twin towers after the 9/11 attack , the Oklahoma bombing did something similar as did Krakow as a memorial to the Jewish people. It was very moving especially when you took the time to look at the chairs and the story each chair tells of the people.

From there we headed back to the apartment where Catherine and I were partaking in a banana leaf hour massage.... it was Catherine’s first massage and it was very interesting and relaxing. After an initial massage hot banana leaves were placed on our back while our legs were massaged.

After that Catherine and I headed down to New Regent street - probably my favourite street with its outdoor restaurants scattered down the street with the tourist tram running through the middle. In this street is a Thai restaurant called the Nook. Best Thai I’ve had in a long time - Drunken Chicken Noodles... just divine! A quick visit to H& M, Glasson & Mecca Maxima finished our day before getting ready for the closing ceremony.

Out Kiwi-ana outfits of dressing as the All Blacks were very successful and we were pleasingly very comfortable all night. As it down 3 course meal with an open bar and a great band saw the end of another great Golden Oldies. Sharing with the cricket boys was a great eye opener for them on how much fun they could have as they don’t do dress up! Quite probably one of the better closing ceremonies.

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