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We are now in the Willamette Valley and the landscape has changed...

Wineries are abundant! The valley is wide open and the roads are...

Not sure exactly what this is but the fragrance was amazing! I...

Stopped at a fruit and veggie stand for lunch but too early...

The shop was full of interesting yard ornaments, home made preserves, baskets...

Pretty little place with a fun and interesting variety of garden items...

We are in Lane County Park, a most beautiful place for a...

Fred and Larry-they limit themselves to only 500 miles per trip now...

Rest and re-organizing!

Well, when last we heard from our two wheeling heroes, someone was complaining of exhaustion and maybe a thumping headache was mentioned! That someone went to bed at 8:00pm!! OMG, that never happens! I slept so well that night and woke up so refreshed! Ready to go! And go we did!!

It was a beautiful morning, so nice to start out in sunshine even tho the air is cool. Actually perfect for riding! What a day it turned out to be! We flew along! Not because of wind, just because the road was relatively level and we were pedaling like crazy! Loving every rotation of the pedals! We managed to maintain a constant speed of 12-14 mph!!! That is awesome! We haven't been able to say that since the last trip!

The landscape has changed dramatically as we ride along the Willamette Valley. A beautiful green, lush productive area with orchards, green fields and picturesque homes well cared for and manicured! The color green of the landscape has inspired me to create a new descriptive word!! (Remember Snots . . . From the first trip? My word for snow dots!!!!!). My new word Is OreGREEN!!!! The landscape was the most amazing varieties of green and we are in Oregon, so it only makes sense to describe it as OreGREEN!! It's ok, you can borrow it!! We tried to stop for lunch at a fruit and veggie stand, but we were too early for fruit and dirty potatoes or freshly dug beets were not exactly what we had in mind! But the shop was so interesting with all the different ornaments, home preserved items, hand made baskets and yummy organic items! We managed to find other things to keep us happy even if it wasn't fruit!

The day was uneventful in a good way! Just pedaling bliss with no obstacles, very little traffic with which we all shared the road generously! What a difference that makes! We did come across this field of solid white flowers that we could smell the sweet fragrance long before we saw the field! Not sure what it was, my guess was clover! Pretty sure that is what is was as we found more later in the day and the bee hives were right out in the middle! I never knew the bees were provided with such abundant source of nectar!! Busy little bees!

Harrisburg was a lunch stop that falls under the heading of fun little surprises! The 99 Grill . . .Elsa the amazing waitress! She made sure we had everything! By time we were done with lunch we had the local 50 year member of the Chamber of Commerce helping us find a campground for the evening even tho we still had another 15 miles to go! Ha, he thought he could use his authority and contacts to convince a place that did not take tents that they should take us! I guess he didn't have enough influence! The other 2 customers in the cafe were adding their information and suggestions! It was no problem really because we wanted to ride on and felt there would be something for us, but it was so kind of them to try so hard! We have been trusting fate a bit more than the first trip! So often as you might expect there is more accommodation available than what our handy maps suggest!

When we finally arrived in Coburg, which was our destination for the evening we did in fact find the ideal situation waiting for us! It is a County park and it is absolutely beautiful! Large mature trees, we got one with shade because it was a little warm, especially when you have to set up your tent in the sun. We felt very grateful for the safe and quiet surroundings!

You might recall last time my object of ratings for campgrounds was the shower facility! This one gets a 15 out of 10! The showers have a meter that gives you 9 MINUTES-FREE!!!! Whaaaaaaat????? 9 Minutes!!!! You only have to push the button once!! Everything is absolutely meticulously clean! And the laundry! You have to remind yourself you are in a campground and not a resort! So, what more perfect place to take a day off and relax??

We knew we needed a day off, usually we find a place closer to town to do things and snoop around. But the idea of just relaxing was too much to resist so we crawled into the tent knowing we would not have to get an early start!

Before we did turn in for the night, 2 bikers rode into camp so we sought them out to find out their story! Wow, so cool to share stories! Larry said he has had his wheels in all 48 continental states and has taken a trip every year for the past 18 years! He could recite routes, highway numbers, miles, climbs, downhills, towns and interesting places along the way! He asked us where we were 2 days ago and i had to let him know i would check my diary! Fred let Mike know that he limits himself to only 500 miles trips now that he is in his 80's!!!! A goal to aim for!! So cool! We need to toughen up, these two traveled pretty light!

You don't really need an alarm when sleeping in a tent, the dawn chorus as the birds wake up and start moving around and calling to each other, is usually enough to rouse you from your sleep. I think i heard a chirp or two somewhere, but could not actually pry my eyes open until 9:00am!!! I think we were a couple of tired bikers!!! In fact I was even dreaming and in my dreams i was trying to explain to my sister that i just couldn't open my eyes! How funny is that! When I finally did, it was kind of surprised I was in a tent! That must have been a deep sleep!

The rest of the day was very relaxing! Catching up on things like laundry, shopping and trying to find Mike a new mattress that doesn't lose the air at night! It didn't go completely flat last night so i really don't think its a leak, something we are not doing right closing the valve. It, of course isn't just your ordinary blow-up mattress, no that would be too easy! Hard to explain how the valve works, the kid that invented it was on SharkTank! But anyhow, i think we are just doing something wrong and not sealing the valve properly. We are trying again tonight out of necessity really, we could not find a replacement today. Let's hope we figured it out as we try again!

I guess that is all from me tonight! Hope you all had a great day! Hug someone you love! Talk to someone you don't know! These are wise words from Mike's son!

Love you all!!!!!

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