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Whitehorse Dam

Fish Ladders

The Kolodike

Cinnamon Bun from Braeburn Lodge

5 Fingers Rapids. Has been blasted since the gold rush days, but...

Yukon River and Daswon City from Dome

Yukon River from Dome

Buildings in Dawson City that have been heaved by the permafrost

Typical Miners Shack

Dredge #4

Diamond Tooth Gerties

The Girls At Gerties

1:00 am. in the morning


Siding in the Gold Rush Days that still exists

Downtown Dawson City

Streets are all dirt

We enjoyed a nice and restful three days in Whitehorse. It is the capital of Yukon with 28,500 residents. That is a lot considering the Yukon has a total population of 38,300. Imagine that, only 9,800 people in the rest of the entire province. There are probably more moose than that!!!!

We took a 5 k walk on the Yukon River and a little tour of the fish ladders. The salmon are so smart here that they know how to swim up ladders. Well, at least about 2% know how. We then toured the Klondike Paddlewheel boat. This was the lifeline that connected the gold rush in Dawson City to the rest of the world. There were actually 4 of these boats.

We headed out the Klondike Highway going north to Dawson City. It was about 350 miles of beautiful country but with practically no people the entire drive. We stopped at the Braeburn Lodge to pick up their world famous Cinnamon Rolls. Really good!! They weigh about 3 pounds. After a quick stop at Five Finger Rapids, we pulled into Dawson City.

Dawson City is really a remote town. During the Gold Rush, the population was around 30,000. The population now is about 2,200. The town has pretty much all dirt streets and is very much what you would expect from a turn of the century mining town. We had a great time at Diamond Tooth Gerties, the local gambling and watering hole. They feature three great little shows every evening. We toured the gold fields and stopped by Dredge #4. There is still some active mining, but very little. The countryside has been ripped up by the dredges. Anything that isn't granite, has been dug up and mined. A lot of the buildings are still in their original condition. The permafrost has moved most of them around quite a bit.

Dawson City is called the Land of the Midnight Sun. We drove up to the Dome, a mountain overlook at about 7000 ft. It overlooks Dawson City and the Yukon River. Beautiful view. In 1899 on Jun 21, a group of residents went to the Dome to see the sun at midnight. They were upset that the sun actually set at 11:30 p.m and rose at 2:00 a.m. Yes, the sun does set behind the mountains, but it doesn't even get dark. It just seems like a cloudy day. The downside is the same thing happens in reverse in the winter.

We are headed out to Chicken AK in the morning. We have to load up on a ferry boat first to take us to the Top of the World Highway. Should be fun.

Yukon internet is not real fast so I am only able to put a few pictures on. I will add more later.

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