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The four Hu boys, together again at last.

How to order food in a restaurant nowadays - a tablet pc...

Hardy happy to pose, Ah Hong busy reading the menu.

Auntie, who is Dad's young sister, Andy, Hardy and Ah Hong.

Here comes the food. I asked for vegetables. And we have congee...

Can't name them all, and this is not all we ordered! Yes,...

Me, with my wonderful Chinese family.

Me with my wonderful Chinese family

Me with my wonderful Chinese family.

Auntie and I.

On the beautiful carved timber settee, in the foyer of the hotel.

On the beautiful carved timber settee, in the foyer of the hotel

On the beautiful carved timber settee, in the foyer of the hotel.

Magnificent chandelier in the foyer. It is all crystals, and the photo...

Music, while waiting for the school bus out to the new campus.

Music, while waiting for the school bus out to the new campus.

Peaceful campus, while students are on their lunch break.

Our bus, a massive improvement on what I used to ride on!

Unimaginable development in the eastern end of the city.

Unimaginable development in the eastern end of the city.

Unimaginable development in the eastern end of the city.

Unimaginable development in the eastern end of the city.

Unimaginable development in the eastern end of the city.

The last time I was here, there were dozens of women, on...

The campus has grown enormously.

So many departments out here now.

Approaching the entry of the Dinghu campus.

No idea what this means, but we see them at the front...

Plaque at the front of the campus.

Lovely reflections.

Lovely reflections.

Lovely reflections.

Looking toward the mountails.

Looking toward the mountains. There is so much development in this area,...

Toward the mountains, over the playing fields.

Tai chi in the quadrangle after classes.

framework for a new super highway, alongside the road we were travelling...

First thing this morning, was to message Winnie, to cancel our arranged visit to the Police Station today, due to the visit of my Fuda village boys. Andy and his soldier brother will only be in town for a few hours, so it is an opportunity I simply cannot miss!

They arrived around 9.30, and we sat and chatted for a little while, before heading around the corner to the hotel overlooking the river. They had arranged for their auntie to join us there, for a late breakfast/brunch! The technological advances are still astounding me. Each table had a pedestal mounted tablet pc, and that is how you place your orders. They are just so far advanced, compared to us!

Much chatter around the table, as the boys have not been together for quite a while, and of course their auntie was there too, so there was a lot to catch up on. She is now working for an insurance company, and still undergoing additional training. She wanted to interview me, about people's attitude to insurance in Australia. So with Andy as our translator I could answer most of her questions.

She was quite thrilled to be with us all, and reminded me that it is ten years since I met her, her husband and their son. The boy is now at college, a quantum leap from the spoilt brat of a 9 year old that I remember. He is studying something in the line of company administration, so I guess he is looking at a bright future.

As we were leaving, we had the obligatory multiple photos. It is a nice place, just around the corner from the medical college, and quite an elegant place.

The boys dropped me back at the apartment, and then they set off. Ah Hong had worked all night, so needed sleep, Hardy had requested a half day off work, so he needed to get back to work. He is working as a truck driver for a company that supplies goods to supermarkets. And Andy and the soldier brother had a high-speed train to catch at 1.30, to head for home.

I had a bit of time, but then it was time to head out, to get the bus to the new campus. It takes almost an hour to get out there. I was amazed at the development out to the east of the city. In fact, we had not gone far before I was totally lost. It is all new. I did not see any familiar landmarks, until we arrived at the Dinghu Campus. And that has changed so much that it is hard to recognize!

There are many more buildings now, with a lot of specialist departments. Scott had to do something in the office, so he took me to have a look through the Museum of Body Parts. Sadly, I could not take photos in there, but it was pretty intriguing! A range of still born babies in many differing stages of development. Also lots of other organs, some of which I could not identify.

I took myself to the office, to wait. Scott was talking to Jessica, who is a secretary in the administration office. While I waited, I got talking to two boys who were from Yunfu. Their English was very limited, but one of them really did try. They are both studying dentistry.

Once he had all his paperwork in order, we had a stroll around the campus. It is really beautiful now, with great big ponds, which make for lovely reflections, and if you sit at the side, you realize that there are lots of little fish in the water.

Time for class, and I got to meet his first year class. They are considerably more outgoing than the second year class, thankfully. Actually some of them are quite chatty! It just feels great to be back in front of the classroom again. I didn't really think I would feel like that.

We got the bus back to the old campus, and I rode with Xia sitting with me. She is the anatomy teacher who is a new graduate, and observing an experienced teacher at this stage. She did want to talk a lot, but it was pretty painful as her English is very limited.

Scott had been talking to some students, on the bus, and when we got off, they wanted him to play music for them. So he sat on the steps of the main building, and I think they ended up getting three songs out of him!

When we finally managed to get away, I headed into town, on a #4 bus. I wanted to go to the cheesecake shop, and get a chicken salad for dinner, and of course some cheese cake too.

By the time I got there, I had been doing quite a bit of walking, and had a blister on my toe. So I went into the supermarket in the complex, called Chain Mart. Looking for Bandaids was a challenge. I had to enlist help, and eventually someone understood me, and found what I needed.

I also went into MiniSo, to get some help setting up my desk lamp. It has the time and date, but I could not work out how to set it up. It only turned out that the battery was in upside down! Oh dear! Anyway, that is sorted too, so all is well again in my world.

Last stop was to the shop that sells the cheesecakes. I was a little disappointed because they did not have the chicken and salad, but they did have roast beef, with salad. I managed to get a tub of thousand island dressing for the salad, and a piece of cheesecake. One of the girls working there actually has reasonable English, if she was more confident. They are going to be selling pizza and also pasta dishes, but not until a week or so into November. They also serve coffee, but I have not tried yet.

I managed to get a bus from over the road, that took me all the way back to the college. I am getting back into the swing of local bus services. And with the bus app on my phone, it makes it really very easy.

Another good day was had, and by the time I got home, I was ready to put my feet up!

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