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Some may remember this extraordinary warm place...

Redwood forest in New Zealand

Redwood forest in New Zealand

Redwood forest in New Zealand

Fern treetop - Not so big plants in Denmark... (Bregne)

Hmm. Art

Plane in sky

Big Green Kiwi bus

Speeding accident

River dam

36 meter falls near Waitomo


Muddy walk down to the falls.. A lot of spray...


Mangapohue Natural Bridge

Looks pretty cool, eh :-)

Board walk to the bridge

On the way to change into wetsuit and absailing gear

Hanging 100 meters above the cave floor. Very scary experience!

Troels hanging next to me - very nice guy from Denmark


Passing under small waterfall

Very wet guy

At the end of the adventure of my life!

The Lost World Cave entrence (

This is real absailing (

Hare Mai, and welcome back once again. I'm glad you're here so I can share my thoughts and experiences with you.

Just before I was supposed to go to Waitomo I got sick and had to stay in Rotorua to get well. It took a couple of days, but that's what happens.

On the 8'th of december I went on the Kiwi bus to go to Waitomo, we had a good trip with a stop at the Mangapohue Natural Bridge and at a real Redwood forest, but was delayed by a nasty truck accident. It took a while to get the driver out, and he was allright more or less.

In Waitomo the hostel was a bit overbooked so they put us all in very nice chalets, sort of cabins. Nice upgrade!

Next day I was booked on my life's wildest adventure, The Ultimate Lost World with Waitomo Adventures Ltd. What a trip!!! It was my Christmas present from my fantastic mom & dad.

It would take days to tell you all the cool stuff I did, so here's the short version.

100 Meters abseil (rapelling) down a huge canyon, it took about 25 min to get down!

Climbing, swimming, and crawling through caverns and up real waterfalls, squizeing through narrow slits and walking through cathedral-size vaults.

I certainly broke some boundaries that day. What an amazing experience, it was the best and most extreme day of my life - ever!

See you soon!


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