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Leaving my shift the day before my day off. So long, A-Train

The Hogback Bridge

Hogback and...

Hogback with birds!

Most roads off the main thoroughfares are hard pack, quite smooth but...

Three 18-19 yr olds set the Cedar Bridge on fire a couple...

And on the National Register of Historic Places. Tragic. The kids are...

Cedar Bridge

John Wayne was born in this home.

If you followed my journal in 2013, I shared pictures then.

This beautiful museum, however, was just built two years ago.

If you're a John Wayne fan, it's quite special. Hundreds of bricks,...

Some familiar donors.

$14 (Senior price) to go through the museum...I stayed in the gift...

One of my favorites.

Sidewalks lined with all the movies he starred in.

The next five pics are my HitchHiker friends at their campground




Next stop was at the most famous bridge of all...the Roseman Bridge


Where Francesca fell in love with the National Geographic photographer

Through a knot photgrapher in sight

But this mama was waiting at the other end of the bridge

And if you squint you might be able to see her baby...



Holliwell Bridge


And Imes...the last one


Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa. Y'all know that movie, right? That...

And now that random bunch of Iowa homes...











I enjoyed a great day off last Wednesday. A few of my HitchHiker forum friends were staying in Winterset and we arranged to have lunch together at the Mexican restaurant in town where I had eaten 4 years ago. Winterset is about 50 miles from Adventureland and is the county seat for Madison County...home of those fabulous covered bridges. The book, Bridges of Madison County, is far superior to the movie and I loved having a chance to see the bridges again. Getting to see HH friends was icing on the cake.

I visited two bridges and John Wayne's new museum before lunch. Then the nine of us returned to their RV campground in the city park and enjoyed a good visit. Met some new friends and it was particularly nice seeing Lyle and Mary (last time was on my Big Trip in Chanute, KS in 2010) and Don and Mary Lynn (last time at a get-together in Tahlequah, OK in 2013). The forum has been such a wonderful resource for information and answers to questions, but most of all for the friendships created.

While there, I simply had to include three more bridges before heading back to my little world next to the amusement park. If you like covered bridges, John Wayne and random houses along the countryside in Iowa, you'll enjoy most of the pictures. There's a bunch.

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