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We had a little problem with the Phaeton today. Yesterday I had to apply a duct tape solution to the passenger-side rear-view mirror that I banged up last week. When we were about ready to leave Mackinaw City, the rear jacks would not fully retract. I called Tiffin for help and their technician, Corey, talked me through the emergency retracting process that enabled us to get going, albeit an hour behind schedule.

It was a nice drive on route 2 along the north shore of Lake Michigan, that included a stop at a small store to try some pork pasties (pass-tees). We stayed close to the shore along the west side of the lake and arrived at River Park in Menominee, MI on time.

That's when I found out why the levelers had not fully retracted. When I attempted to extend the front slides they each moved about two inches and stopped. The rear slides, that are electrically operated worked fine. There was something wrong with the hydraulic system. I checked the in-line fuses to the hydraulic motor and found a 40-amp fuse that was blown and had welded itself to the fuse holder. When I pulled the fuse, it broke off and left one leg imbedded in the damaged holder.

Although I had called a mobile repair service, he was not coming until tomorrow at noon and wasn't sure he could deal with the hydraulic system. So, I went to a nearby auto parts store and bought some 40-amp fuses, a new in-line fuse holder, and some wire couplers. I am terrible with electricity! But, necessity dictated that I cut out the burned holder and splice in the new one. I used the 30-amp fuse that came with the holder and tried the slides. Eureka! Now we only need to worry about the system working when it is time to leave.

We are in a pleasant site in a pretty wooded park. The negatives are that we only have 30 amps and the satellite dish doesn't have a prayer. On the positive side we have excellent wifi that will usually support video streaming. We are here for a week.

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