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An evening with friends and K9s in their RV, 30 x 12...

The RV on Grand Prix Party day

After a storm, yet again our bridge is broken, and still is!

A lovely spring day

Early March, too hot! Blue & I had a lovely swim, next...

March has flown by, with some dreadful weather, torrential rain storms, thunder, high winds for days on end, but with a few scorchers in between, promising a lovely spring then letting us down again. But it has been better than a uk winter so we're not grumbling. Been out for a few great evenings, but not much happening as the weather hasn't been great and my recovery has taken longer than anticipated. With a damaged right knee, my right hip came out in sympathy and it's been painful walking even a few hundred yards, but now by end of March I think it's almost back to normal so will be hopefully out and about again soon.

I'll write up again before the end of April but for the whole of May we won't be in touch with anyone because we'll be in Morocco, safe, we are assured, in a convoy of 6 motorhomes, led by a guy who has lived there 33 years and taken an average of 8 tours a year and never lost anyone! So I will write that up when we get back to Spain. We won't have any internet at all and the cost of phoning/text/what's app will be prohibitive. We are looking forward to this adventure very much, we drive around 1800 miles, spending a few days high in the mountains, nearly a week actually in the Sahara, with visits to Fez, Casablanca, Marrakech, as well as some of the beautiful rural countryside, we may even get to attend a local wedding if the timing is right. The itinerary is long and varied but with easily drivable daily distances, lots of time for evening bbqs and sampling of local food.

So I'll find a few pics to put in here and sign off for now.

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