Frank and Joyce 2016 travel blog

So we got here Saturday night an found a nice campground. It was so windy they put us next to a large motorhome to give us a buffer from the blasts that were shaking the camper. Frank walked to the showers and came back and should see how many agates are in the gravel on the roads in here. Well that got me out there quickly and sure enough, they had dumped new gravel from Montana and all the pieces were around two inches diameter but as long as 5 inches. So we found many and filled 2 large ziplock bags, and went to bed. the wind stopped and we got up to a beautiful morning and I decided to look for a few more before we left. When we got out on the freeway (Highway 94 west) our truck decided that it had enough of this driving into 50 mile an hour headwinds. The transmission starting slipping and we had to drive in 2nd gear or it would just go to neutral. So after 22 km we turned around and went back to Dickinson. No repair shops open on Sunday so we just parked again and looked for more rocks. By the was our anniversary. On our last big trip on our 42nd anniversary we went to a restaurant in Cape Breton for a lobster dinner and Frank bit into his bread and broke off a tooth. Our anniversaries are very exciting and stressful. So we took a back road into town and had Pizza for supper and back home to the campground. We did not have WIFI there even though they said we should. So this morning we take our vehicle to Schmidts Transmission and they got it in right away and gave us their old minivan to use til it gets done. The windows don't work and it is quit a rattly rust bucket and not too clean but it is our mode of transportation for now and we are thankful they lent it to us. We are at a Motel and even if the truck is fixed this evening, we will stay here and enjoy the spacious room. Everywhere in this town is gravel with large agates in it. I have 5 bags full. We went to a museum that had a lot of rocks and minerals and dinosaurs and did a bit of shopping at Walmart because there was air conditioning and it is very hot again. Tomorrow we hope to get back on the road n the morning and go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, south entrance to go on the 37 mile drive around the park and stop at all the lookouts of the badlands. Gas is around 2.20 per gallon.

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