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Palacio Nacional

Palacio Nacional

Ted and the lion

The Dining Hall


Today we toured another palace. The Palacio Nacional, like all palaces, is immense with 2800 rooms. I guess all royalty needs their space! The dining room had a table that served 144 guests. It rivals the dining table in Napoleon's Quarters in the Louvre. Paintings and frescos adorn the walls and ceilings. Different than the other palaces we've seen, this palace was lived in fairly recently and the portrait of the royal family wearing contemporary clothing is quite a contrast to the portraits of kings and queens from previous centuries. It still is used for some government functions, receptions and special occasions.

After collapsing in our hotel, we watched a Netflix movie on the IPad, Blue Jasmine. It was a fun and different activity. Dinner was at another upscale, expensive, restaurant. Ted had a local chicken stew that was quite tasty and somewhat unique.

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