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FB was kind enough to share this pic of Mom & I...

Granddaughter's Lily & Maya with friend Emma celebrating Lily's birthday yesterday :)

Been hanging out the past couple of days not doing much. Mom is having trouble with pain in her lower back. Not sure if it's a kidney infection, strained back muscle or heart related. We have her on cranberry juice, plenty of water, an antibiotic, muscle creams & relaxers & a full body mas-sager. Trying to cover all the bases. We'd discussed taking her to the doctor this morning but she wants to give it one more day. Hopefully something will kick in today & she'll begin feeling better.

It's been quite warm, hitting 90 yesterday, although we're not complaining after watching the soaring temperatures nationwide. Our friends in Arizona are really getting the heat as is our Las Vegas family. And sister Elaine says it's hot in Riverside, California too. I think we're going to put Mom's small window air conditioner in today. She has a large swamp cooler in the living room but claims to have only run it a couple of times the entire summer last year. If that's the case, it's not worth a trip onto the roof to uncover to get it up & running. Plus, someone has to go on the roof to recover it for the winter & it's a problem getting both of those done. I'm not crazy about Larry being on the roof any more.

Mom spends many hours a day on her computer so having the air on in her 'office' seems to work out fine. I'm proud of the way she continues to read, play games, surf etc daily. Keeps her mind very active. One could hardly tell she is 83 years of age. She says "if only my body were in as good a shape as my mind" I'd be doing great! LOL

The month of June is full of family birthdays! Sister Joyce's was June 2nd, granddaughter Lily's 10th was yesterday, granddaughter Jasmine's 8th is today, granddaughter Maya's 6th is Wednesday and brother Larry's is June 27th! A couple of my California niece & nephews fall into this month too. I believe Michael is turning 40! Happy Birthday to all of you!!!! We love you :)

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