Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Our Hotel

The valley from our hillside

Steep streets

Lunch at an Italian restaurant

The big church


From a higher vantage point


A big tower

Down a narrow street

The streets were kept narrow for coolness and to confuse invaders

The new town


Nice interior

Another tapas

Interior decoration

It was a bit early - so there were no other patrons

We picked up a rental car at the Seville Airport and headed toward the “hill towns.” The roads were not crowded and even in the towns our iPhone GPS got us through the twisty-turning streets. Our hotel is in Arcos De la Frontera on a oneway street with a private gated car park just up a bit from the hotel’s door. These towns pride themselves on the “de la Frontera” designation since they were the outposts of the Christian Reconquista in the 14th - 15th Centuries. The hill towns cling to the sides of the hills and are protected by a fort. The streets are purposely narrow and twisty to thwart invaders and today to confuse tourists! We arrived in time for a late lunch of a delicious thin-crust pizza. We tried to rest in the afternoon, but a birthday party was being held in the courtyard just outside our room and the children were acting like children! However during our short stay we were able to explore the old town and practice our newly found skills in ordering tapas at an excellent restaurant not too far a walk up from our hotel.

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