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We got a special private tour of the Insectarium before it was open to the public, just a short stroll away from the parking lot where we camped last night. This tribute to and temple of insects is the work of a man who developed a passion about bugs during his professional life when his job with the ag department involved keeping insect infestations under control. He said that after spending all those years killing them, it was time for him to tell their story. So here, in the middle of nowhere, was a fabulous collection of exotic bugs from all over the world, some alive in glass cases and some mounted with informative and interesting signage. He imports cocoons from Costa Rica and the Philippines every other week and hatches them for the butterfly pavilion. It was strange to see such a colorful, tropical assortment in the middle of a pine forest. He keeps a honey bee hive with glass sides for easy viewing and gave a wonderful talk about the complex organism that is a bee hive. We learned so much about the various states a bee goes through in its short life in the northland and how they communicate and work together to survive. Bees have suffered from a collapse disorder in many parts of the world including ours that threatens the pollination of crops. Newfoundland is the only place in the world where the mites that appear to be decimating the hives have not appeared. Even if you don't like insects, this place was worth a lengthy visit.

After all the bug talk, the owner was joined by two musical friends who gave us a concert out on the patio as the sun disappeared and the storm clouds gathered. We made it to the rigs in time to beat the downpour, but once again the weather interfered with what would have been wonderful scenery as we drove to the northern end of Newfoundland. We will have to retrace out steps somewhat to get to the ferry which will take us back to Nova Scotia in a week or so; maybe the sun will be out then. We are in Saint Barbe to board the ferry tomorrow for the visit to Labrador.

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