Spain - March 2015 travel blog

Morning traffic jam outside our balcony

What a mess!

Strolling along

Christopher Columbus monument, I think...


Looking through the wall....

At Plaza de Espana

Spanish Pavillion

One of the provincial displays

Tile work


Columns in Plaza de Espanol

Steve in Plaza de Espanol

Connie - same place!

Fountain head


Into Maria Luisa Parque


More locks of love

Cascading waterfall

Another fountain with large colorful urn


Flowers along our path

Another colorful urn

Fountain of the frogs

Two frogs go into a bar....

Part of Plaza de Espana as seen from park


Pretty bridge

Ladies room

Swan lake

Another garden, fountain and statues

This means "the knot" - strong ties between Seville and King Alfonso...

Heading into Triana

On the Guadalquivir River

Smart car parking

Police motos

Colorful Triana

Did we take a wrong turn somewhere???

Moorish influence

Outside the bullring

I scream you scream


The Giraldi Tower

If you are on the run from the law and make it...

School kids on field trip to the cathedral

Another fountain head

All who wander are not lost.....

Things you see when lost!

While lost.....


Door handle

The knot symbol again

"Kissing lanes"

Fancy street sign

Lovely doors!

We found the flamenco museum - yay


Today on our last day in Seville, we awoke to a major morning traffic jam on the small street outside our hotel. Steve was sitting on the bed next to the balcony and all of a sudden the horns started to blow, people began to holler and Steve began to laugh. He reached for his phone to record to commotion. What happened is that there is a renovation project going on to the right of our hotel. A large crane truck (we can not figure out how it got in there) was blocking the entire intersection from all directions while it moved supplies for the construction workers. Then a large garbage truck managed to squeeze into the mix and was emptying the large dumpsters. All this was occurring while guys on motorbikes sped by on the sidewalk, and the car horns kept blaring. Finally, the crane truck finished and moved on as did the garbage truck - traffic was back to usual once again!

After we got up and moving, we stopped by the front desk of the hotel and made reservations to attend a flamenco show tonight at the Museo del Flamenco. We then decided to walk towards Maria Luisa Park and the Plaza de Espanol. Both of these were a nice 30 minute walk from our hotel, with a few stops along the way for taking pictures of various monuments, including one that I believe is dedicated to Christopher Columbus. We reached the Plaza de Espanol first - it is huge and quite beautiful with lots of tile work, fountains and overly large structures. It was constructed during the time of the 1929 International Fair and is now undergoing some renovations. Along the Spanish Pavilion are rows of tile mosaics which show historic scenes and maps from every province in Spain in alphabetical order from Alava to Zaragoza! Then we continued on into Maria Luisa Park which is quite large and sadly has been damaged by vandals and graffiti "artists" in places.

After we left the park, we crossed the Guadalquivir River at Puenta San Telmo into Triana which is considered the "wrong side of the river". It is a colorful part of town with lots of tapas bars and flamenco shows. We walked along Calle Betis parallel to the river and then crossed back over to the other side on Puenta de Isabel II, which is near the bullring. We hiked back toward the Cathedral and grabbed some lunch followed by ice cream for dessert. Then we (rather it was my idea and Steve begrudgingly followed) walked down several of the narrow "kissing lanes" in the old Jewish quarter in Santa Cruz. We decided to look for the Museum so we would know where to go tonight for the flamenco show and promptly got horribly lost! I asked two Spanish ladies (in my best Spanish) if they knew where the museum was - either they were also tourists or my Spanish was crappy as they both shrugged their shoulders and walked on. As they rounded a corner ahead of us, they both turned around and told us in Spanish that they saw the Museum - yay, my Spanish was good! Turns out the museum is about a 5 minute walk from our hotel, but only if you take the correct alleys! Back to the hotel in time for some blogging (me) and a siesta for Steve. Dang church bells just woke him up, but of course he said he wasn't sleeping! He always snores when he is playing on his phone (wink).

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