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The Abbey At Montecassino

WW2 Reminders

Chip Shop

Something of a dead day today. We started off a bit later than usual, about 10am, as we had decided to do another shortish run down to Montecasino & stay the night there before travelling on to Naples & Pompeii. Montecasino is a well known WW2 battle site where the Germans had their HQ in the Abbey on top of the mountain & the Allies bombed the heck out of the place as they tried to dislodge the Germans. Thousands killed on both sides, as usual, but the Allies eventually succeeded. The Abbey was virtually destroyed but has since been rebuilt.

It rained on & off on the way down & at midday it went very dark & we drove through the heavy rain of a thunderstorm. We arrived at Montecassino in pouring rain at about 2 pm & it didn't stop till about 4pm so we hunkered down in the motorhome & played a few games.

The highlight of the ride down was when we stopped in a Lidls on the way out of Rome. We were only picking up a few things so hadn't bothered with a trolley. I had a couple of items in my arms so decided to get in a checkout queue while Viv picked up a last item. There were two checkouts open & both had several people in their queues. I got to the first one but decided that the second line looked a better bet so I moved over to join that one. At the same time a rather large coloured lady also moved over beside me. As the line got shorter I placed my items on the end of the conveyor belt behind those of the man in front of me. At that point the coloured lady said something in Italian about being "primera" which I took to mean she thought she was first. I tried to point out that I was in fact behind the man in front & she was behind me at which point she switched to English & tried to claim that she had got to this line before me. In the end I decided it wasn't worth the hassle for the sake of a couple of minutes so I gave in & let her go through first. The checkout lady did reward me with an upward flick of her eyes as we watched the lady exit the store with a rather overweight boy in tow. Que sera, sera!

I did take a walk around the town once the rain stopped about 4pm but there wasn't a lot to see apart from a small tank & a field gun displayed at one junction. I did come across a little "ChipStop" shop where they just sell chips(French Fries) in paper cones with various sauces. I saw one in Rome yesterday also. The smell was very enticing but I knew Viv would be cooking our tea so I stayed strong & resisted the temptation.

Mileage today - 96

Total Mileage to date - 1,652

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