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Things cleared off after the Friday night (8/20) storm and a little...

It would have been nice if it lasted but by afternoon all...

Another smoke filled week has passed and nothing really has changed. We did have a nice storm come through last Friday night (Aug 20) and clear out the smoke and left a little snow on the mountain tops. But by afternoon the smoke had returned in force and has been present the whole week. We have been in an air quality warning the whole week judged to be "Unhealthy" meaning no prolonged outside activity. This morning that was upgraded to "Very Unhealthy" meaning stay inside. There is a chance of another storm this weekend that may release some of the smoke trapped by the current high pressure ridge hanging over the area.

We are getting smoke from several Montana and Idaho fires as well as the major ones in Washington. There are no major fires burning within the park but the visibility makes sightseeing not worth it. This is definitely not what we had planned when we made the reservations several months ago but we came out here mainly for the cool weather and we have had that. We have had to run the heater almost every morning to knock the chill off! This coming Sunday and Monday is supposed to have highs in the mid 60s after the storm comes through.

We will be leaving here for Waterton Lakes NP in Canada on September 11 and hopefully some of this smoke will have dissipated by then. It is only about 35 miles from here as the crow flies, 48 miles via the highway, so we will just have to wait and see if the smoke is any better.

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