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We knew that we needed to get an early start to make the drive from our Torquay condo to Heathrow, where we were supposed to turn in the rental car by noon and catch a prepaid transfer limo into the city. The Torquay condo had a 30ยบ steep drive which twisted and turned on the way down, about a quarter of a mile. We could only turn around at the top of the driveway when our landlady was gone with her car and she stayed home last night. It had rained and the windows were fogged up as Ken started down the hill. He was concentrating on not hitting the landlady's car and instead he hooked our bumper on the stone fence and pulled it part way off. He was so frustrated after having driven all the challenging roads we covered in the last 1000+ miles.

When we finally got out of there we were both a bit rattled. We missed a turn and ended up in deep woods. By the time the GPS got the signal through the trees, we were past the road we were supposed to turn. We wasted about half and hour recovering from that dilemma and drove rapidly toward London on the motorway. We were less than ten miles from the Heathrow exit when traffic came to a halt. It took us over an hour to inch our way six miles. It turned out that an accident had totally closed the motorway. We phoned the limo driver and were able to delay our meeting time an hour. We got to the rental car return about ninety minutes after the noon deadline. They were so nice. They said the insurance would cover the repair and there was no extra day charge because the closed motorway was not our fault.

We shuttled to the airport and tracked down our driver. It was shared ride and as he waited for the other passengers, we had just enough time to buy a sandwich for a picnic in his car. It took him about ninety minutes to drive to our new apartment. London has less roundabouts, but oh so many traffic lights. The waiting was tedious, but we no longer had a deadline and he was the one who had to figure out where we needed to go.

Then when we got to the new condo I discovered I had left our folder of important papers at our last apartment. We have electronic copies of everything, but the tube passes which we planned to use this week as we traveled around London. I will try to print new copies of the paperwork, but the passes cannot be replaced.

Tomorrow has got to be better.

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