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A last glimpse of the walls of Istanbul

Our first day here without a wake up call! But we got up around 7:30 anyway. We had to have bags packed and in the hall by 9:30 so we did most of the packing then went to breakfast.

At breakfast we met a lot of the group who were staying another day and chatted for a while, then back to finish up packing. Put the bags out at about 9:00 and did a quick walk down to the spice market. I was looking for a copy of "The Turtle Trainer" - a famous satirical painting about the difficulty of change - especially of the Ottoman Empire. We stopping in several shops and finally found it in a small shop where the owner spoke no English. Then a little lost on the way back to the hotel but got there with time to spare.

The bus was packed with the Syrian/Iranian folks we had broken off with a week or so ago. We all chatted and had a great time on the way to the airport. Once we got there... Our luggage and all our stuff had to go through a security check before we could enter the airport. When we got in line for the tickets/check bags we were asked many questions about our bags, destinations, etc. Then we finally got to check our bags.

through another security gate to get into the boarding area. We had planned to fill our water bottles after the check but there were no fountains - not much of anything except overpriced duty-free shops. So we waited and finally boarded - 45 minutes late.

The ten hour trip wasn't horrible. We had middle seats but Minna was on the row and the seat next to me was empty - but the seats were a bit cramped. Lots of service - two meals (but we couldn't figure if they were supposed to be dinner or breakfast - time was all messed up)But they brought a Turkish delight as a welcome gift, hot towels, and free drinks. Plenty of movies and other entertainment also available.

We got into Boston about 5:45 - about 50 minutes behind schedule. Then we waited on the runway for over half an hour. We rushed off the plane. Passport and customs were a snap - and when we got to check in at US Airways... we had missed the flight by minutes. Rats.

Back to Turkish air with another couple who had been in Turkey (Kip and Feona) and the airline agreed to put us up for the night. So we waited for about two hours before the transport took us to the hotel.

We checked in and headed to the lounge to get something to eat. We met Kip and Feona there and chatted about our vacations. they had spent a week on a crewed sailboat in the south of Turkey just sailing and visiting small towns. Pleasant folks from Ashland who own a boutique clothing store.

Finally to bed after a very hectic day - but a US bed in a US room.

Busy day. Long flight. 45 minutes late getting started. 30 minutes on the runway. Two hours in the airport waiting and now in Hampton Inn... Flight at 6:10 Am tomorrow.

Oh my,

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