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Toasting our departure

Dinner in 1st class

Our arrival

In the Quito airport hotel


It IS near the airport!

Nicely done

A soccer field

Strawberries next door

Our flight from Rochester was at the civilized hour of noon and the flight to Atlanta was uneventful. We were surprised at the number of wheelchair passengers waiting for the flight to Atlanta and then probably to Florida. The flight to Quito was not as long as other international flights we have taken and we were soon circling around thunder storms above this capitol city (altitude about 8000 feet in the Andes) before landing a few minutes ahead of schedule at 10:30PM. Customs and immigration went far faster than we had experienced on other international trips. We has opted to stay the night at a close-by hotel and our taxi was waiting with a welcoming sigh, ‘Thomas Barker” which is always a reassuring touch when entering a foreign city.

It was only a short ride to the overnight “Quito Airport Hotel” which is a converted farm house. The Quito Airport is new (2013, and there has been little construction around it to accommodate overnight travelers. Some enterprising local people have renovated older buildings like this to help avoid the long journey (an hour in good traffic) from the airport to the city. While the room was very basic, the included breakfast the next morning more than made up for this. We met a couple from Arizona who were in the export business and a young lady from Canada who was off on an animal care project.

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