Our 2014 Trip Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu travel blog

Mtns in distance on Nepal border range -4962m to 7135m

8 ks of climb to Thang La Pass 5050m.

looking back toward camp.

here begins the longest descent in the world!

.5126m (16817ft)

no pedaling for about 10ks to next village.

glad we dont take those switchbacks

great scenery


the downhill continues.

bridge @ left of pic leads to road to village centre of...

a very modern town.

storm cloud above.

into the rain forest .

fantastic smooth roads.

prayer flags over the gorge.

view from bridge over the gorge.


will we get wet?.

road snakes down to the river.

concrete reinforcing on roadside cliff.


another 15ks of downhill to Zhangmu.


we get wet just before Zhangmu.

June 12 day 14 riding to Zhangmu 8 k from Nepal border. 96k, 5hr 50min. Longest descent in the world – top of Thang La Pass 5050m to Zhangmu 2400m. Against nasty headwinds on section after Thang La to lunch. Nickie almost ready to go in truck. Awesome descent through rain forest type scenery. Orchids.

June 13 Friday. Day 15 riding. Cross border into Nepal to Dhulikhel. 96k, 7hr.30 ridetime. day. 8 easy ks downhill to Tibet-Nepal border. Must have been a hundred and more trucks parked nose to tail whole way down. Drivers waiting for customs/border to open were doing their washing, or brushing their teeth in the roadside stream. Cobbles on tight corners ready to swallow bike tyres., had to be really careful. Queued for more than an hour, had to endure the stench from stinky toilets. Group of French hikers tried to jump the queue, they got some ”friendly advice” to wait their turn. We crossed the bridge into Nepal and what a contrast!!!- Broken, muddy, potholed streets, buildings broken down, throngs of people less well dressed- like going from 1st world to 3rd world in Nepal. All our bags , including bike boxes had to be hauled by women about 1k from the bridge to the tour truck over this broken road. Some ladies looked to be 60+ yrs old and would have been carrying 50kilos. It just seemed very wrong, as we watched them struggle along. Very hot and humid, we were warned to drinks lots today. Liam rode a swing bridge. Road very potholed/broken for about 10 k, more like MTB, rougher than Burma road. Lunch at riverview café at approx. 45 k, more curry !! Hopefully this will be our last curry meal. Watched some river rafters, saw signs for Nepal Bungy. Convoys of Asian tourists in 4WDs passed us with waves and toots. Stopped for a cold drink, at roadside cafe but had to leave because of a crowd of 40+ Asians smoking and loudly jabbering . Hundreds of buses , motorbikes and trucks, every one of them tooted very loudly behind us, tooted alongside us, tooted when passing and engulfing us in black fumes. V annoying, and painful to the ears, esp the high pitched motorbike horns. Nickie was screaming “shut up u idiots , we know u r there”. Do they drive by sound rather than sight? Simon was knocked into the deep concrete gutter by a bus, he was unhurt but confidence shaken. The bus did stop to check he was OK. At 5.30pm and about the 75 k mark, after ks of rolling ups and downs, we stopped at a café to catch up with guide Caldon and the group riding in the van. 40C in the shade at this spot. Nickie couldn’t believe we still had 20ks to climb 500m yet to go. She almost broke down crying, when she calculated probably another 2 hrs ride. Looked like a storm cloud over the top of the hill, and our friends ahead of us got a heavy 10 minute downpour . Gradient fortunately not too steep we could manage gearing 2:1 to 1:4 most of the way, but so sticky and hot, we were wet with sweat. Saddle sores very uncomfortable. Finally arrived 7.30pm, but 5;15 Nepal time. 4star hotel, on hillside over- looking valley, shame we couldn’t see the view because of the heat haze.

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