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The day awaits

A giraffe family stop to check us out

A beautiful, slow-motion canter

A beautiful yellow-bill stork

Sleepy hippos near Ikuu Bridge

More of those magnificent buffalo weaver nests

Merusu, our wonderful Masai guide

Yikes - can we go now please? Do we have to stop...

Majestic fish eagle - always a beautiful sight

A relatively quiet night from an animal noise perspective. Over breakfast Nick again emphasises that we are the only guests and therefore have the run of the camp. We leave on drives when we want to and return when we want to. About the only things that are firm are the safety precautions and evening meal time.

A full day drive today where we re-visited leopard location and he was gone, amazingly lucky timing for us to have seen the leopard on its last day in the tree. Visited the Chada pride on two drives, so named because they will not cross the Katuma River into another pride’s territory. Meresu said that they were hungry (based on shape and breathing) and would need a successful hunt soon.

Pre-dinner drinks, again by the fire, and a shared table of good food with Nick where we were able to find out more about him.

Nick is English and a geologist by profession who came to Africa to work. He was an outdoors type who loved nature and animals and he became a professional safari guide. He now does the advanced training of all the guides who work for Foxes across all camps. He has worked in several countries: Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa etc. as a guide and also for National Parks hunting poachers. A very keen and accomplished photographer he has won major awards for his wildlife photos. He has also written a series of children’s books based on native legend and folk lore. He started telling his son bedtime stories and then some of his son’s friends and was encouraged by other parents because of the response from the children. We bought the series for Annie’s great nieces and Nick was kind enough to write in each book. He thought Katavi may be his long term home but recent developments involving Chinese investment have him thinking he is not far enough away from civilisation. It is hard to put all the pieces together as he is very open, affable and interesting, a wonderful host.

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