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Carpe Diem at the Katy Elks Lodge

We braved downtown Houston in the car

Bob has a sitdown outside the Astros Stadium

We attended the NRA National Convention

Inside the huge NRA exhibit hall

Sat, 04 May: Rolling wheels again... We left the San Antonio Elks Lodge a bit after eight and got on I 10 for the trip through San Antonio. Due to excellent planning on our part, it was Saturday morning, traffic was lite, and the aggravation minimal.

Once east of town we stopped at a Flying J truck stop and added 70 gallons of diesel to Carpe's tank. Again, given it was Saturday morning we were in and out in fifteen minutes. We sure love those big fat truck stop nozzles.

Back on the road toward Houston. Bob assumed driving duties about half way and was just settling into a routine when we got an engine overheat warning. Bob pulled Carpe on the shoulder and we checked for engine coolant and any leaks. The coolant was OK and there were no leaks. The radiator fan had stopped turning and, combined with a healthy tailwind, the engine overheated.

We waited about fifteen minutes and restarted the engine. The fan reengaged and the temperature came back down to normal. We continued on our way and had no further problems. We had similar problems when we first owned the coach and ultimately replaced the fan clutch. That solved the problem for three years, but it seems to have returned. Time for a long chat with Freightliner's technical support on Monday.

Despite our delay we arrived at the Katy Elks Lodge in Katy, TX a few minutes before one. Katy is a western suburb of Houston and the Elks Lodge has four very nice RV sites with full power and water.

We got set up and then took the car into Houston. The NRA National Convention is this weekend in Houston and we wanted to see what it was like. We've never attended an NRA convention so this was our big opportunity.

The drive to the convention center was, to say the least, harrowing! We've never cared for driving in Houston and today's drive only reinforced our opinion of Houston drivers. They are boldly aggressive to the point of being frightening. We know there are many other places with dangerously aggressive drivers, but Houston seems to be at the top of our list.

Nevertheless, we made it to the convention center in one piece and wandered around the huge exhibit hall. It was, without doubt, the larges exhibit hall with the most vendors we've ever experienced. The place was jumping and the line to join the NRA stretched out the door. We didn't buy anything but enjoyed our visit.

On the way back to the coach we stopped for a late lunch (early dinner?) at Taco Cabana. Domingo and Carmen told us this is a pretty good chain so we thought we'd give it a try. We enjoyed our meal and will definitely revisit when the opportunity arises.

Back to the coach about six for a well deserved happy hour. It was a tiring day, especially with the overheat issue. Today's mileage: 188 miles.

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