Our Trip to Southeast Asia 2012 (Around the World in 27 days) travel blog

Packed and ready to head to the airport

Not our plane!

On board and ready to go on an adventure

Our "great circle route" from New Jersey to Hong Kong

Over Siberia - it was 75 below zero outside

The frozen Siberian tundra

After 15 hours we still have an hour before landing

Sunset at 30,000 feet


Our Hotel

The restaurant at our hotel

Buying a new shirt in the Market

All our flights have been on time (so far) with smooth weather. The sixteen hour flight from Newark to Hong Kong was excellent and we were comfortable in Business Class (the only way to travel on such a long flight). The route was up north across the polar regions and then down across Russia and China. We left at 3:30 PM on the 23 of October and arrived on the 24th of October at 7PM. This report is being posted from the United Airlines Club where there is free WiFi. Our last leg of the flight is from Hong Kong to Saigon and we won't arrive until tomorrow morning around 1AM. We'll have a day to rest up and then begin the Classic Journeys tour on Friday morning.

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