National Parks & Headwaters 2012 travel blog

Red White and Blue toes

Janice's driving lesson with cousin Donnie

Karen's driving lesson with cousin Donnie

Well we had another great day.We got up late, had coffee, and painted our toes red white and blue since it is the 4th of July. We'd never ridden or driven on Seadoo's before, but that has changed now. We got to ride on and then drive them on the lake today. We really liked it a lot. Donnie tried to get Janice to fall off, but it didn't work. She held on so then she got to ride it afterward. Karen, on the other hand, told him that she would throw up on him if he tried the figure eights and other moves with her on the back, so he was nice to her and she also got to drive it herself. Tomorrow we get to spend the whole day on the lake and ride as much as we want. Can't wait as it is so much fun!! After the sun finally set in the west the fireworks started. Sitting at the beach overlooking the lake we could see several shows from all around the lake including some set off from our own beach. It was great fun until the mosquitoes started biting. Tonight we will nurse some bites, then get ready for another day relaxing, eating, and riding lake toys.

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