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Carpe Diem at Wasatch View Estates
This is a Passport America park that...

Prepetual construction zone on I 15
South of Salt Lake City, this is...

More construction

Construction zone Jersey barriers make for very narrow lanes

The trucks get pretty close in construction zones...

Carpe with Wasatch Mountains as backdrop
Friday's snow (& a sunny day) certainly...

Thu, 26 Apr: It was a windy nite at the truck parking area in Nephi, but the predicted thunderstorms and heavy rain never materialized. We awoke at our leisure and checked the weather forecast. The bad weather was still predicted, but not until later in the day. So, we decided to head north while it was still dry.

Since it was an overnite boondock we didn't disconnect the car or get into "at home" mode. Therefore, our getting ready routine was greatly reduced and we were ready to go in no time at all. We rolled wheels about 0930 and continued north on I 15.

The first twenty miles or so were pretty sweet, and then we entered the southern end of the Salt Lake City corridor near Provo. Along with an increase in traffic we encountered a 27 mile long construction project. This is a two to three with narrow lane project that seems to be perpetually in progress (we also endured it last fall). Sandi was at the helm and at the end of the project she was pretty happy to see normal width lanes. See the pix for our latest "orange encounter".

The balance of the drive was uneventful and the traffic was quite reasonable. We arrived at the Wasatch View Estates in North Ogden about 1115 and got a nice spot on the main street back from the highway. Wasatch View Estates is mostly a mobile home park that has recently started accepting RVs. They are a Passport America park and offer full hookups for $13.50/nite. The park is old, but the managers very friendly and are working on upgrades. We're perfectly happy with our site and plan to remain here through the weekend.

As we were parking the coach the rains started and continued off and on for an hour or so. After lunch we took a drive to Wally World for some "essentials" and returned to the coach.

Back at the coach we went through the exercise of trying to get our Dish Network system up and running. This has become increasingly difficult as we travel further north. Alas, there is no good news on that front, in fact we struck out. We could not get the satellite dish to "see" any of the Dish satellites. We called Dish and again got the usual run around. Finally, in disgust, we cancelled our subscription after only 24 days!

We then learned that we cannot recoup any of our investment. The $130 Dish converter box we bought cannot be returned or even sold on e-bay since once it is activated it cannot be re-activated. Our HD upgrade investment is also poof! We're out some $300 and are not very "happy campers".

Despite their façade of catering to the RV community, Dish has an inferior product, will not stand behind their service, nor will they offer any meaningful assistance. Our advice is: DO NOT EVEN THINK OF GETTING DISH NETWORK! For right now we'll remain satellite-less since we wouldn't have received it anyway once north of the forty-ninth parallel. We'll table a further decision until we return to the lower-48 this fall.

We met up with Bob's niece Stacy and her son Travis for dinner. We dined at nearby Bella's Fresh Mexican Grill, an OK place (but not great—Sandi's chile rellenos was just so-so).

We returned to the coach and had a delightful evening catching up. Bob called his brother Mike who lives in China. It is the first time Mike and Stacy chatted in may years, so it was fun listening in on Stacy's side of the conversation. We are impressed with how grown up Travis is. He is now as tall as his mom.

As we were visiting the rain started, complete with lightning and thunder. Stacy & Travis ran for their car, which was parked right in front of Carpe and headed home. Bob and I checked that everything was closed tight and headed for bed...

Fri, 27 Apr: Well, the rains came and stayed all nite... The temps dropped into the low 40s, and it was very windy. A good nite to be snuggled up with someone special and the covers up to your "chiney chin chin".

We slept in and had a leisurely breakfast. After breakfast Sandi checked out the laundry room and found it deserted. She ran back to the coach and fetched the first of three bags of laundry and got it started. Wasatch View Estates has only one washer and one dryer, but they are free as a guest courtesy. We're making the best of it and are currently (as this is written) encamped in the laundry/clubhouse working on our computers while the clothes get cleaned.

Once this is done we'll make a decision regarding the balance of the day. The forecast high is in the mid fifties, and the possibility of snow flurries later in the day. We'll probably stay close to home and see what develops.

Sat, 28 Apr: Our "decision regarding the balance of the day" yesterday was to do absolutely nothing! We've become pretty good at that, and the weather was not very conducive to wandering about. The snow never materialized, but it was raw and windy. After finishing the laundry we retired to the coach and honked the heat up another degree or two...

It was in the low thirties overnite and we snuggled under two blankets with the bedroom gas furnace (it was too cold for the electric heat pumps) set to low. It cycled on and off all nite long. When Sandi finally ventured out from under the covers about 0800 it was 44° in the salon (and 37° outside). Starting the main furnace was the first order of the day, followed close behind by making a hot pot of tea!

Thus far today we've seemingly fought with electronics. We shared with you our Dish Network tale of woe earlier in this post, and now it appears that our Sirius/XM satellite radio has gone pear-shaped on us. We took the radio out of the dashboard to see of there were any loose wires (there weren't) and did a master reset. All to no avail.

Bob will contact the manufacturer's tech support on Monday and see if there is anything we can do. Most probably we'll end up buying a new radio, but of course they no longer make or sell the same unit we have. Sooooo, we're probably faced with buying something close and then having to fit it in the existing hole and hook it up to the existing wiring. Seems as though Ogden is some sort of electronic poltergeist.

Our mailing arrived as scheduled and we spent some of the afternoon poring thru it. Our absentee ballots arrived, but by now there isn't much to vote on as Romney seems to have the nomination bagged. We'll vote on some local alderman and school official offices to ensure that we get our general election ballot in the fall. This is one election we will NOT miss!

Later today we'll drive to Bob's niece Stacy's home for dinner and visiting. We always enjoy visiting with Stacy and her two kiddies; Chandler & Travis. The park in which we are currently staying is only about two miles from their home, so it'll be a quick drive.

Tonite's forecast calls for cool temperatures, but not as cold as this morning. We're still uncertain about our future plans. We may extend our stay one more day and get the tires rotated on the Focus and other odds and ends chores behind us. Tuesday may be rainy, but we'll see.

More anon...

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