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Today has been a very full day. My back has really been hurting the last few days. I decided I couldn’t wait until my next scheduled appointment with my chiropractor on February 8. I called to see if they could work me in today and was happy that they could.

First, Nancy and I went to exercise class. Then I dropped her off at home and headed for my appointment with my chiropractor. He did some additional adjustments, which brought immediate relief. Now I think I can delay my turn to be put out to pasture for a while longer. :>)

I stopped at Popeye’s for lunch and then headed to my ophthalmologist’s office for an evaluation of my need for eyelid surgery. First, there was a test of my peripheral vision with and without my eyebrows taped up. There was a significant difference. Then, the doctor took some measurements and pictures to submit to my insurance carrier. She said that it will be several weeks – or even months – before they will receive the verdict from the insurance company. She believes that they will approve the surgery.

Then I talked with another person about costs. If Humana doesn’t approve the surgery, my out-of-pocket cost would be about $10,000. Yikes!! There’s no way under the sun that I could afford that. I asked about fee reduction possibilities. She said that the doctor wouldn’t reduce the price but that the hospital and anesthesiologist might. Even if I could wrangle some hefty discounts, it still would cost me several thousand dollars. If Humana denies it, I may as well forget about it and just continue straining to read.

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