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Angkor Wat

A well earned rest at Angkor Wat

Wow. That is all I can say about Angkor. We have had an incredible day looking at the ruins. Dad: You will be a v. jealous man as you would love it here but I had you with me in spirit.

An early start at 5.30 to catch the sunrise started off a nine hour day which took in some of the most impressive sights that I know we have ever seen.

We hired a tuk-tuk driver to drive us between the temples on the so called 'small tour'. We pulled up at the entrance to the causeway preceeding Angkor Wat just before sunrise and it was a simply awesome sight and one I will never forget. Then we waited for the perfect shot of the sunrise which unfortunately never came but this didn't really matter. Angkor Wat is difficult to describe because my words can't do it any justice. It was definetly as good as I expected but a lot more because exploring through the towers and grounds like every other temple today brought it to life. I have seen Angkor Wat in pictures and books but there it is just am image. Being there puts it in perspective and it is a dream come true that I have been looking forward to for years which has now been realised. There is too much to explain here but there are loads of photos on the gallery which should show most parts of Angkor Wat and the other temples we visited. So from the first to the second.

The second area we visited was Angkor Thom which contained at least ten sights. First was the Bayon which as you can see from photos has towers inbuilt with faces and is in more of a ruined state than Angkor Wat. Then we moved onto the location of the Royal Palace and the Elephant Terrace.

We saw a number of other temples and sights but the main other one that is stuck in my mind is Ta Phrom, the location for the first Tomb Raider film. This place was superb and the most impressive thing is the detail on the buildings and the trees which have grown in and around the ruins to form part of them. Again plenty of photos which I hope do it justice but too much to describe.

Day 15 complete.

Photos will appear when able to but connection in Cambodia isn't very quick.

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