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After 7 hours of sleep we walk to the bus stop, leaving Sevilla and get on (all 11 of us)the #16 bus heading to Acros de la Frontera.......a sleepy little town (population 35K) situated on what used to be the border between Christian and Muslim regions....built high on a cliff overlooking a deep gorge.......again beautiful like everything else here....

We.took a guided tour of the town this afternoon, led by Jose, a local who is passionate about the town and history.......narrow windy streets with lots of ups and downs, and ended up at a tapas bar that was actually in a cave built into the mountainside. We took a late afternoon nap and are now ready for the rest of the day.

Everyone naps in the afternoon due to the heat and then the town comes

alive again late evening. Here, too, we'll be part of yet another

Corpus Christi celebration. The procession starts at 9:00 this

evening.......keep in mind it does not get dark until 10:30.Tomorrow we'll hop on the

bus to Ronda, another one of the "white hill towns." I'm so thankful to have Mirta´s iPad with us......we love having it to check our email and to check train and bus schedules as we travel.

All places where we've stayed have they pronounce it "wee fee."

Fun Facts:

1) Walking to the bus station the front page article caught our eye....Cordoba lost the title to San Sebastian. We are both sad but wondered what San Sebastian must be like to win the title over Cordoba.

2) For the first time in 2 weeks we finally had time for a leisurely breakfast.

3) Sevilla to Arcos took 2 hours through the countryside and the ride was not as smooth as the AVE, up and down hills, winding roads. My stomach felt queasy and I could have been driving with Tom, my brother-in-law, through Tuscany. Rows and rows of sunflowers and olive trees planted in neat rows, the view is spectacular and reminds me of the Italy trip with Nancy and Tom.

4)Nancy reminds me I´ve been in more churches this past few weeks than in my whole life! I will put in a good word for her?

5) I don´t think I would ever tire of hearing the church bells roar from the tower nor looking at orange trees.

6) Lunch was expensive today, 10 Euros for both of us, most have been the atmosphere.

7) Dinner was as much as lunch w-wine and dessert.

8) Los Olivos is a hotel and in our minds the closest we have come to a 5 star hotel throughout our travels. At 53 Euros for 1 night it has a darling room w-stocked mini bar, a quaint breakfast terrace with a great view of the White Hill Town. Although all the bathrooms throughout our travels have been clean and comfortable this one is to die for!!!

9) The hill towns - no longer strategic, no longer on any frontier are now just passing time peacefully and we are here to join them.

10) I am definately over stimulated and it´s hard putting myself to be each night!

Good night!

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