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Our train was delayed until this morning. I was refreshed after a great nights sleep and had enough time to faff around and get organised. I had a lovely breakfast, of yes, you guessed it, omelette and pancakes, before catching up with the fam on viber. LOVE viber. An iphone app that enables free phone calls. Meeting in the looby at 11 we walked 15 minutes to the station, a hard slog with 16kgs on my back and 30 degrees in the shade. A short 3 stop train ride then a 10 minute walk to the next station. Half of us dumped our bags and went off to the supermarket to shop for the impending 4 day Trans Siberian (Part one of the ride). I spent about $30AUD which was very cheap, running to catch our train. We were hot tired and when boarding the train realised that the air conditioning was broken. Oh No! It was so hot and stuffy, and it was to be like this for the next four days?! In a small cabin with a fellow traveller and two Russians, Anyone that knows me, knows this was to be a challenge! For today though, it was bearable. I spent time exploring the train, carriages and dining carts. Hanging out in the hallway, where it was minutelty cooler (by about a degree, and laying on my bunk staring out the window.

Apart from finding ways to amuse myself, nothing much else happened!

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