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Carpe at Fla Net RV
In Flanders, NJ for a few weeks to...

PA 33 rolling country with little traffic
But... It didn't last long!

I 80 in Stroudsburg, PA

These folks really know how to bollix traffic...
...and on a Saturday before...

Delaware Water Gap

FlaNet RV Park, Flanders, NJ
Our candidate for gaudiest RV kitsch

FlaNet RV Park, Flanders, NJ
And in the same park, the hands down...

FlaNet RV Park, Flanders, NJ
...and Sandi's vote for the classiest RV "accessory"

Sat, 07 May: We left Tom Schaeffer's RV in Shoemakersville a bit before ten. The folks at Tom Schaeffer's couldn't have been nicer or more efficient. They're definitely RV "Good Guys"!

We drove the short (105 miles) distance from Shoemakersville to Flanders, NJ in about two hours. Our route included PA 61, I 78, PA 33, PA 209, and finally I 80. Traffic thru Allentown and Bethlehem was tolerable (but we sure wish those folks would learn to merge!) The drive north to Stroudsburg was a pleasure, until we merged onto I 80. Bob was remarking how short the on ramps were in Stroudsburg and could Carpe accelerate fast enough to merge safely. Well, no worries Mate! Traffic was at a standstill and we "zippered" into the single lane. It cleared up shortly, but approaching the bridge over the Delaware River it zippered down to one lane again.

Finally made it to New Jersey and drove the 27 miles to our exit in Flanders and Fla Net RV Park. Fla Net is the only park of any size in northern NJ and these folks know it. Their prices are very, very high for what you get. But what's one to do? We signed up for sixteen days (and nites) while we visit Sandi's family that live nearby.

The slide worked just fine, no creeping at all. Thanks again Aaron and Dave at Tom Schaeffer's RV for a job well done.

Sat, 14 May: Hard to believe we've been here a week! My the time has flown...

We've enjoyed fantastic weather up to now, bright sunny days with nice moderate temperatures. That has ended, and it is heavily overcast today with a week's worth of "cloudy with a chance [ranging from 30% to 80%] of rain".

We had a wonderful week visiting with family and enjoying home cooked meals at my sibling's homes. We haven't eaten dinner in the coach since Shoemakersville. That is not likely to change as the invitations keep pouring in.

Later today we'll drive to Parsippany to participate in their Relay For Life, in which our niece Bonnie is chairing a team. We haven't been to a Relay since we left Maui, so it'll be a treat (but do hope the rain holds off...).

Another week of family is in store and we're planning to hit the road next Monday (23d). We're looking at spending some time in New England and will head that way and see what happens. We've heard they aren't too "big rig" friendly, but we'll check out the roads and RV park options before we venture out.

Sat, 21 May: Another week of fun in New Jersey (no, that isn't an oxymoron when you have family nearby!)

We attended the Parsippany Relay For Life last Saturday, which was very enjoyable and moving. Bob and I were in the Survivor's Lap, which is always very special. Our sister and niece's (Susan and Bonnie) team raised in excess of $21k for ACS, a remarkable feat. Regrettably, the weather did not cooperate and the event was called early due to rain and high winds.

The rains stayed around all week, and today (a week later) is the first day we've seen sunny skies and been able to open up and air out the coach. Despite the weather we had a busy week with family events (many May birthdays) and personal chores (rotate the tires and 30k check for Dinkum).

We've had a wonderful visit, but the "hitch itch" is getting pretty bad so we're planning to head on out Monday. Our plans call for a few weeks in New England (we haven't yet visited any of those states in Carpe), and then westward ho.

Per popular (well, one or two) requests we'll be posting our future travel plans (very tentative, of course) on this Journal. Click on "Itinerary" from the home page.

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