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Will you look at that, another week is already done. The weeks are starting to fly here in Toulouse, although the days stay long and full of adventures. I like it a lot! I like my routine, I like the things I do, I like all the things I have to look forward to. It is endlessly interesting for me to read my friends that are also abroad and see where on the road they are. I can usually recognize the places I've been, like transitioning out of orientation and into regular school life. My abroad program started before a lot of people's, and it is really only now that we are all abroad. It is odd to feel I have been abroad so much longer, it makes me feel older then them :) We frequently comment to the kids who are staying in Toulouse an entire year that they seem like seniors to us, already wise in the ways of the world. At least the Toulouse world, and that can be a full one.

This week was filled with little fun things, like a lovely run along the canal on Tuesday. Well...that was a bit more of an adventure than I expected when I took a wrong turn and followed the wrong canal...twice. I did not think there were that many canals in Toulouse. Apparently there are at least three. I never had to backtrack that far, and really, it was proof that I can go on much longer runs then I usually make myself, because I did not ever have to stop and walk the rest of the way. But it was very confusing. The confusion came from trying to find the (still mysterious) bike path that runs by a canal in Toulouse and then continues another 25km outside of it. You can bike from Toulouse to the Mediteranian Sea in three days, and some of the girls on my program are thinking of doing that for their Spring Break. It does sound lovely, but only when the nights stop dropping down to 30 something degrees. Yes I know, I am spoiled when it comes to weather :)

Wednesday I was as busy as I am at Wash U for a day, which meant I was litterally running around all the time. I realized how much I miss it :) I tutored the twins in English, which was good but really hard. We were talking about the future tense and the problem comes when I don't know the French equivalent. We were talking about the future perfect tense and one of the girls goes "oh, is this futur anterieur?" and I said "maybe...if I remembered what that was" so she went and grabbed a grammar book about it. In fact yes, it is the futur anterieur. Ah how much you learn when you teach. Afterwards I went to dinner with a friend at this cute Basque tapas restaurant. It was good, although we dared not ask what was in some of the dishes, the Basque people seem to be fond of sausage-like food. The best part though, was when we went to pay and got a shot of vanilla rum the way most restaurants give out mints. Nice.

Tonight I'm going to the Opera! It's a ballet...I think, of the Three Muskateers. I'm really quite excited, and I do so love being cultured like that :) The Dickinson center is taking us, and I also love that they organize things like that for us. Every couple of weeks or so there is something we can do. Next month we can go hear a GIANT choir sing The Messiah, which gives me lovely memories of City High's Cathedral Concert. On Sunday I'm going snowshoeing! If that weren't exciting enough, I am going with a group of french kids, so it will be a day fully in French! I'm excited, I love days when even my thoughts are French :)

Take care, I miss you all! Write me if you get a chance, and if you want a postcard, send me your address!

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