Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Our campsite at 3 Dreamer's RV Park in Salome, AZ

Nellie checking out the neighborhood before her walk

This is the saguaro cactus at our site. You can just see...

A slightly better view. Only one bloom right now.

Yep! That says 114* in the sun. We stayed inside.


We took Stanley to Oatman yesterday...stopping at the Needles Chamber of Commerce along the way to get some information for him to send back to New York. While we were there, I noticed there was a cache right on the spot so Stanley got to geocache. Also rode a burro in Oatman.

Today we got a nice early start towards our next stop in Salome, AZ. Left at 8:45 a.m. to beat the heat. Pulled into the 3 Dreamer's RV Park at 11:20 after an easy, scenic drive along very lightly traveled Route 95. We'll be here for 2 nights before we head towards Tucson.

It was very interesting to watch the desert change from stoney with scattered bushes and some cactus to prairie grass. I can see where a fire out here would spread fast through this brown grass.

Nellie's doing better; she finally stopped meowing after 48 miles! She'll get the hang of this yet.



Took a drive into Quartzsite to see what we could see. Didn't see much of anything. For most of the year, Quartzsite is just a sleepy little desert town but, according to the Arizona Highway Department, from late December through January, as many as 750,000 to 1,000,000 people, mostly in RV’s, converge to the area, located just 20 miles east of the California border. Some come just for the warm weather but most come for the RV, gem, and mineral shows and huge flea market.

Bob was talking to a lady in town and she said it's not like it used to be. Many of the people who come now tend to be more rude, less courteous and a lot less polite than in past years. They are also complainers. They complain about the dust; they complain about the long lines at some place; they just complain. Funny. Bunk and Brenda said the same thing about the "new" people moving to Las Vegas...impolite, rude and complainers. That's the main reason they've bought land in Reno and plan to move there when they retire. Thankfully, we've not run into any of this type of American; we've only met and dealt with polite, courteous people all across the country.

The suagaro cactus are in bloom and it's really neat. They have beautiful blooms on the top and on each of their "arms". Each flower opens at night and by the next night, they're done. There is one right by our house and it's very pretty. There's also a little cactus garden in the center of the park. It's called Mary's Garden and the owners of the park installed it on her campsite after she died. I guess she was a long-time resident of the park.

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