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Limestone Catholic church

Private prep school

Downtown divided by train tracks still running Union Pacific



Co-op graineries at every little community


Tribute to Buffalo Bill Cody


Look at this impressive large Vet clinic

Historic Fort Hays



Example of limestone fence post

This writing is dedicated to "my best friend at work", who asks, "what's in the middle of the US; you go all round the edges." For you DU!!

Kansas' heritage includes pioneers, German and Swedish immigrants, cowboys and conflict, and communities founded by former slaves after the Civil War. Landscapes and lifestyles are rich in local flavor and genuine. Due to a truck manifold problem we have spent more time here around Hays, Kansas than anticipated. If you know Corky, not being able to tend to the manifold is eating him up. He just doesn't have the tools necessary; you should have seen the steam coming from his thinking cap. Finally, he had to give it up to the local Dodge dealership$$$.

We've made the most of these two+ days by delving into the sites. The historic downtown district's flavor is completely colored by gunslingers, saloons, gambling halls, and "the Red Light" girls! Wild Bill Hickok and Buffalo Bill Cody had their influence as well. This town is home of the "original" Boot Hill. Many of the graves remain at the site; however, some were moved to the city cemetery. Incidentally, there are no grave markers.

Historic Fort Hays became a supply depot when the Union Pacific railroad reached Hays in 1867. It is,also, home of the famous Buffalo Soldiers! Grazing near-by are buffalo said to be of the original breed.

Impressive looking native limestone serves are the fences, fence posts, foundations, and exterior siding of the older architecture. About eight catholic churches, built in the 1860's, are all listed on the National Historical Register. Included in the pictures are some examples of the limestone rock structures. Most streets remain brick paved. How do they use the snow plow without destroying the brick streets?

Located near-by is a Swedish community,Lindsborg. We're looking forward to eating Swedish pancakes and browse local artisans for the Dala horse folk art symbol. There is a restored 1898 flour mill in the little settlement.

While detained, we may as well visit the local laundromat-fun, fun! Everyone take care; send care packages of cheerios and chocolate-ha!

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