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Kho Lipe beach bar

Us in kho lipe

Thai massage on the beach

yes thats a monkey


kho ngai

Phi Phi (fruit bat on the beach) also look at the signs

Phi Phi

perfect pic, tried to get evidence of old man with young thai...

Phi Phi port

Robinson Crusio island





Thailand Island hopping from the 22nd November until the 5th December.

Kho Lipe - one hour Speed ferry from Langkawi to Kho Lipe in Thailand. Kho Lipe small island inhabited with a population of a few hundred. We arrived by boat and had to go to immigration as we'd entered Thailand. This was very funny as the immigration office consisted of a bamboo hut!! I could've giving in Dave's passport instead of mine and they would not have noticed. Kho Lipe had crystal clear water white white sand. We stayed in a beach bungalow right on the beach. The bungalow was made entirely of bamboo. Kho lipe had one walking street that had a number of restaurants and bar and Thai massage places. So plenty of places to eat. They make the best fruit juices!! yum yum cant stop drinking them!!

Kho Ngai- 2 hour speed boat from Kho Lipe to Kho Ngai. Wow!! Kho ngai also known as Robinson crusoe island had no local inhabitants only a couple of resorts right on the beach. So no shops nothing!! real paradise!! Stayed at a resort right on the beach. All i can say is whow!!

Phi Phi - had to get one speed boat and one slow ferry to get here. Phi Phi is only a small island but it is packed. Full of tourists. Phi phi got totally destroyed in the Tsunami but now it is back to its former self now.

Phuket- Thailand's seedy side. Area was full of old men and young girls, or old men and young ladyboys or old men and 2 or 3 young girls. It was crazy. It was so so hard to tell if the girls were girls or if they were ladyboys. We watched to see how it worked and usually just the men walked down a street and the girls or maybe ladyboys would entice them into pub. Within the pub they'd laugh at every word the guy would say and say how great they were, then they'd start buying drinks eventually they'd be buying rounds for everyone in the bar.

Bali- A surfing heaven! went surfing here in just swim suit no wetsuit it was great! Had nice Balinese message. Messages are around 6euro for an hour.

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