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the sunset at our RV park in Cut Bank, Montana

on the road to Waterton Park

still outside the park

water, water everywhere, and all so fine to see

this beautiful waterfall is right in the village of Waterton for all...

Prince of Wales Hotel, one of the many built for early 20th...

the hotel from the boat

a view of Prince of Wales hotel from the boat

another view coming back from the cruise

we saw quite a few of these animals - not sure bu...

view from the boat

this is more of what we saw on our cruise

at Goat Haunt

at Goat Haunt

on Akamina Parkway

on Akamina Parkway

on Akamina Parkway ride

Cameron Lake at the end of Akamina Parkway

and at the dock of Lake Cameron

a black tailed deer walked right by us at Lake Cameron

he was feeling quite at home

Waterton Lake

Waterton Lake

on the boat ride

see the two monuments? they are at the international border on the...

this boat was built in 1927 and still is used every summer

our boat when we were at Goat Haunt

at Goat Haunt ranger station

at the ranger station

at the ranger station

good pollination going on right now!

on the boat ride

on the boat ride

on Red Rock Canyon Parkway

where the mountains meet the prairie - on Red Rock Canyon Parkway

view on Red Rock Canyon Road

heading back to Cut bank - Chief Mountain is in our view

Chief Mountain

a view of a mt in front of an area that had...

Saturday was a 260 mile day, but well worth it! We went over to Waterton Lakes National Park, part of the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park. This park in southwestern Alberta is super gorgeous. We came in through the windy road called Chief Mountain Road; the name is from the most prominent mountain along the roadway. Beautiful road even though several miles of the surface was just chip sealed. Both the Akamina Parkway and the Red Rock Canyon Parkway were beautiful, but since some construction is being done at the end of the Red Rock Canyon Parkway, we couldn’t actually get into the canyon itself. The road is an excellent chance to see how the mountains meet the prairies in this area of the Rockies – no foothills to speak of at all. I love the rocky streams the roadways followed – some of my favorite natural sights. We splurged on a 2+ hour boat ride on Waterton Lake that I loved. It took us over the international border to the very rural customs post of Goat Haunt, Montana, accessible only by boat or hiking into it. The wooden hulled boat itself is a piece of Waterton history; built in 1927, it has been plying the waters of this lake ever since! The ranger station at Goat Haunt has some wonderful skeleton specimens and also some examples of elk and moose antlers. I never cease to enjoy learning new information; on the boat on our way back to the dock, we learned more about the wildlife and geology of the area from the commentator and enjoyed a gorgeous view of Prince of Wales Hotel situated high on the hillside. I wanted to buy a scone and a cup of tea at the hotel, but they wouldn’t sell me just that. I was told I’d have to get the entire afternoon tea – and it was $29.99 each, so we skipped that. I will remember my much more reasonable but still very tasty and satisfying, $11.95 afternoon tea in Cheyenne, thank you very much.

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