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This was our first day on the road as a group. We started our day with Thumper at 6:00 AM. Terry walked from RV to RV carrying a long handle with a heavy rubber tip. He thumped each tire of each vehicle to be sure that they were up to pressure. I don’t know how many tires we have in total but it has to be close to 200. And oh-by-the-way, this also acts as a wakeup call for those still asleep.

Chuck and Sally pulled out of the Park just before 7:00 AM. The rest of us were supposed to be on the road by 8:00 AM so that Terry and Pat could leave. We managed to get out in time. We had to backtrack a bit in order to get gasoline, but we pass the Park again about a quarter of. We were required to use our CB radio to notify Terry that we were on the road so that he could be sure everyone was out. We turned on our headlights for visibility and we set our trip odometer to zero.

This day, one of the first places listed was at mile 70.2. The Shepard’s Inn was said to serve outstanding blueberry pancakes. Almost everyone decided to stop there for breakfast. Our leaving and driving times varied enough that the first people there were finished eating by the time we got there. The food was very good but I was disappointed that the blueberries were dumped on top of the pancakes instead of cooked inside. We left there feeling very content.

We were told to expect to see wildlife. On that we struck out although others said later that they had seen critters. At one point Evelyn exclaimed “OH! That was a bear!” but we had already passed it at 100 KPH and I had no chance of stopping in time to see it. The highway was a good 2-lane road at that point with narrow shoulders, but there was no way I was going to back up 1000’ either.

Just before we reached our destination in Fort Nelson, BC we stopped at the Trapper’s Den. This was a unique tourist-trap kind of gift store. They had lots of clothing made from the fur trapped locally. It was very expensive. There was a lot of other “stuff” but not much that actually appealed to us. Evelyn looked at wildflower books but couldn’t find one she liked. I ended up buying a small pot made by a local artist to add to my collection.

Once we had all arrived at the Blue Bell RV Park and gotten settled in, Chuck called for his Wagon-master’s Briefing. Again he told us about the next day’s travel. He advised us to watch out for caribou and Stone sheep.

After the briefing we all drove to the local museum. This place had tons of stuff related to building the Alcan Highway and to local industry. They showed a different video about building the road. They had a large shed filled with antique cars. Some were restored and some needed it. It was all pretty interesting. Our enthusiasm was dampened somewhat by being caught outdoors during what turned out to be a downpour. We found a bench under an overhang to wait it out, but we were a little damp. We left soon after the rain stopped.

We were eating dinner when there was a knock on the door. Kathy had come over to invite us to visit with them. We had lots to do but decided in favor of getting to know people. By the time we finished eating and arrived, Kathy and Darold were playing cards with David and Peg. We said that we could come back another time but they insisted that we join them. We learned a new game that was fairly easy but made for a lot of joking and fun. I guess we had beginner’s luck because we didn’t embarrass ourselves by being big losers – we ended up in the middle. It was fun.

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