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Waiting in Cape Town Airport

Above the clouds

The Karoo

Our plane was 2 hours late

The propjet by Air Botswana

Boarding at last

We are in Botswana!

Off to plan B and a stay overnight at the Maun Lodge


Maun, Botswana, Monday, April 26, 2010

We left Cape Town at 8:00 AM and arrived in Johannesburg. Gary had laughed at Air Botswana and said they always run late - but two hours? Our flight to Maun (on an ATR 42 two-engine prop jet) should have left at 1:00 but did not leave until 3:00, and so when we arrived in Maun, our greeter from Sanctuary Tours had one story about the landing strip at Stanley's Camp that was too wet to land and take off, so we could not fly there until tomorrow, or to another camp tomorrow. We seem to be sort of with a French couple (Xavier & Anne) who are on their honeymoon and have been delayed leaving France because of the volcano. He called Sanctuary Tours and was told that we WILL go to Stanley's Camp early tomorrow. Meanwhile, we are at Maun River Lodge which is unfortunately way below the standards of Stanley's Camp, where we should have been tonight - think KOA Kozy Kabin. The restaurant was just OK, but "whatever"! So we don't know what happens next, but hey, we are up here in Botswana at least and it is all an adventure!

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