2009 On the Road to Stillwater, OK travel blog

Harry S. Truman Lake

Who would of thought we'd see a Great Blue Heron on a...

The shoreline on the lake is rocky

Wildflowers on the trail

Wildflower on the trail

Marina on Harry S. Truman Lake

A pretty cove on the lake

A patch of Black Eyed Susans along the trail

Butterfly on the rocky trail

Bridge across the lake

There were lots of different wildflowers along the trail

Fishermen in front of Harry S. Truman Dam

We spent three nights at Harry S. Truman State Park on Harry S. Truman Lake in Missouri. There was hardly anyone else in the park and from our campsite it looked like we were the only ones there. We enjoyed a hike on a trail with beautiful wildflowers and views of the lake. I paid dearly for that hike - I picked up chiggers on the hike! I was miserable for a couple of days and I'm still itching! We also got some ribs from a local rib place that advertised "The best I ever ate". They were delicious!

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