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Braeburn Lodge Cinnamon Bun (world famous) feeds 4

Conglomerate MT. stone

5 Finger Rapids (named for 5 channels) Yukon River

Conglomerate Mts.

Welcome to Dawson City,YT

Rustic Cabin on Front Street Dawson City YT

One of Many Hotels

Dodged a shower, had lunch here

One of Robert Service's famous saying

View of Dawson City from the Dome

looking down the Yukon River from the Dome

Dredge # 4

At claim #6 No luck

Whitehorse Rapids Fishway

Historic Site

Miles Canyon, Whitehorse YT.

Todays critter


6/19 Spent the day touring around Whitehorse. We made a visit to Yukon Brewery, tour was rescheduled but got my free sample of Yukon Gold. Not bad. We then went to Whitehorse Rapids Fishway. The fish ladder was built in 1959 for the Chinook (king) Salmon. It's the longest fish ladder in the world. No salmon here yet, we will check again on the way back in Aug. We walked around downtown, had a great lunch at Klondike Rib And Salmon BBQ.(the oldest operating building in Whitehorse) After that lunch, we had to walk some more. Then on to the SS Klondike National Historic site for a guided tour of the old stern-wheeler, with over 7000 artifacts on display. (setup as it was in 1938) We then were off to Miles Canyon, originally called the "Grand Canyon" by early gold seekers. Then we had to see the worlds largest weathervane at the airport. It's a Douglas DC-3, it actually flew from 1946 to 1970. It's now mounted on a rotating pedestal, pointing its nose into the wind. Oh yes,can't forget our critter of the day Woolly Mammoth, at the Beringia Interpretive center. As you can see we had a pretty busy day. 6/20 Left the Alaska Highway just north of Whitehorse and traveled the Klondike Loop (highway 2) and traveled 323 miles without a critter sighting, except birds and ducks. I missed out on some pictures this morning, because after downloading the chip last night I left it in the computer. We stopped at Braeburn Lodge, we HAD to have a cinnamon bun, heard they were so good and it was. (one bun feeds 4 - we ate it for breakfast, lunch and breakfast the next morning) The lodge is also the 1000 mile check point of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race. We have had several good vistas along the way including Five Finger Rapids on the Yukon River.(which we are following most of the time) Arrived in Dawson City about 6:30pm. 6/21 Toured Dawson City today, we strolled up and down the old wooden walkways. Roads here are dirt and it rained last night, Sneakers not the best thing to be wearing. Most buildings here have been restored to give you the feeling of the gold years (1898). Took the drive up to the top of the Dome, there will be a big celebration there tonight for the summer solstice.(the midnight sun) The sun doesn't set tonight. We then traveled out to see Dredge #4 (largest wooden hull bucket-line dredge in North America),then on up the road to claim #6 to try my hand at panning. (no luck) We are going down to Diamond Tooth Gertie's Casino to see the can-can girls floor show tonight and back up to the dome for the midnight sun if the clouds hold off.

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