2009 Spring 2 Fall travel blog

the former site of Camp Murphy

boardwalk to the tower

the hurricanes didn't spare many trees this close to the coast

prickly pear cactus

Austin at the top

our motorhome down there

view south toward Jupiter

view west across the park

Jupiter Island, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean


gymnastic practice again

Kielyn's getting pretty at home on the beam

no fear

future Olympian?

a couple of parrots flying around wild

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Kielyn on Beam

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Working on Floor Routine

(MP4 - 3.21 MB)

Working on Floor Routine

(MP4 - 5.35 MB)

Kielyn's Complete Floor Routine

View from the summit - Wednesday, April 8

We broke camp just before noon and on our way out of the park we drove to the summit of Hobe Mountain and climbed it’s observation tower. At 82 feet above sea level the summit of Hobe Mountain is the highest ‘natural’ point in south Florida. They had to add the word ‘natural’ because the summit of Mount Broward (Broward County’s Dump and Landfill) has probably surpassed it. If the State of Florida doesn’t get better at recycling it will someday have a mountain range the equal of California’s Sierras. Future Floridians will be able to ski down the slopes of mountains built from today’s refuse.

From the top of Hobe Mountain’s 40 something foot observation tower you can see Jupiter Island and it’s lighthouse, the Intracoastal Waterway, a good stretch of Highway A1A and most of Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Few places in the country are flatter than the surrounding countryside, which is covered in slash pine, cypress and scrub brush of various types. Along the trail to the tower we also saw prickly pear cacti.

Camp Murphy once stood at this site as well. In WWll it was a bustling army base, but now only a few buildings remain and a few concrete foundations. Camp Murphy was one of the first radar installations when the science of radar was still in it’s infancy. It was then top secret, and it was camouflaged and highly protected from any possible enemy attack.

We left the park and an hour and a half later we were back home in Parkland. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing until Viki and Andy got home, and then we all went out to dinner at a great Japanese Hibachi restaurant for Viki’s birthday. We returned home in time to see another contestant get booted off American Idol, then we called it a day. And a good day at that!

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