Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Happy Birthday Susan!!!! Hope you have a great year.

Some of you might be confused as to why we are moving to Port O'Connor already. WE were going to stay here until Jan. Well, let me explain.

The park we are in is basically just a place to park. The owners are friendly and helpful, but even they say most people move on to more "active" parks.

So, yesterday, we drove to POC (as the locals call Port O'Connor) and met Dennis and Marilyn (friends from last winter). We fell in love with the park. Brand new everything, very friendly owners and townspeople and MUCH less expensive ($225) than where we are. POC is like an old coastal fishing town, with a very nice beach.

We do miss the views of Az. and NM as we drive around, the scenery here is the ocean. But, there is tons of history, and that is what we like to do. We can ride our bikes everywhere.

We will leave here on Sat., and Dennis and Marilyn are hoping (at least we are) to come down the 15th of Nov.

Joe and Glenda, if you come this far down, there is plenty of space for you too. And, that other couple too, but I won't mention names. I think you know who you are. HAIL, HAIL, the gang would all be here.

Love and peace until next time.

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