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The Michigan state capitol at Lansing

Front steps

Steve & Frances calling the children of Israel home

We made it to Toledo, OHIO, local time is 12:50 a.m. Just pulled into the local Wal Mart Super Center and Steve is already asleep and Frances is on her way. I wanted to get this posted before I finally hit the sack. It'd been on my mind for most of the day and there will be no sleep until it gets off my mind and onto "paper", so here goes.

We spent most of the day in yet another mechanic's shop, getting 4 hoses replaced (what they were paid to do at Corning Ford and obviously did not do) and getting a new clutch for the fan assembly, what was suggested to us by a mechanic in Pierre, South Dakota and then vetoed by a more senior mechanic.

But here's the message the Clare Michigan International mechanic told us as he was busy diagnosing our motorhome - the clutch on the fan has not been working properly thus making the engine over heat, when things get too hot other issues come to the surface that need attention effictively masking the true underlying cause of the problem. We have had belts replaced and then tightened, alternator replaced and then readjusted, batteries replaced, new voltage regulator, new radiator cap, lots and lots of antifreeze because of boil overs, mended broken hoses and replaced hoses - we've spent days in mechanic's shops and Steve has spent too many hours in the engine and under the motorhome - everyone trying to fix the outward presenting problem. But until the true underlying problem was accurately diagnosed and corrected the outward problems kept persisting. When Tim, the International mechanic finished late this afternoon it was truly amazing how different the engine sounded - it was quieter, more peaceful actually, no more hot smell, no more screeching, a mechanical miracle.

Probably some of you already know what I am going to say, but I'll spell it out anyway; so many of us run our lives like our motorhome - hot. So hot we are always having one issue or another bump to the surface that causes someone, usually a loved one, some hurt or anger or sadness or shame or disgust or fear or hopeless despair. This can cause distancing between you and your spouse or children or parents or friends or maybe it strengthens a codependent bond by them enabling you to remain in the hot zone just temporarily cooled to a manageable level. Whatever the case the underlying issue has not been addressed and is just waiting for another opportunity to overheat/explode. We keep ourselves and those we love in bondage by this behavior, this unwillingness to diagnose the true underlying reason for our overheating. If we are truly preparing to be the Bride of Messiah we must get to the real reason of why we "overheat". Overheating is definitely a wrinkle in our wedding garment!

Why do we hate, resent, fear, slander, gossip, be jealous, ignore, deride, ridicule, abandon, reject, profane, dishonor, steal, kill, commit adultery, lie, cheat and on and on. Until we find out that "the clutch on the fan" is bad and that is what is causing the hoses to blow and the belts to break we will keep using up one band aid box after another in a futile attemt to stop the bleeding. We must get past denial - "Who me? I don't have any problems, it's my wife/husband or the other guy," - and wake up to the fact that haSatan wants you right where you are, asleep with no oil in your lamp. Wake up, my friends, the Bridegroom is coming, and He is coming for a mature Bride without stain or wrinkle in her wedding garment.

I highly reccommend James Wilder's book, Living With Men.

Blessings and SHALOM!

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