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Carolina's place in Bacular

patio area at Casitas Carolinas, Bacular. Nicely done in purple and blue

Carolina back yard looking toward the patio and house

little boat sitting in her yard on the edge of the lagoon....

dark statue is a sea lady with close up of dock

more of her yard and shore to the left side

a couple of the guest cottages

jaguar statue in her front porch area, guarding the Christmas tree.

in the main plaza of Bacular was this park area next to...

Fort San Felipe built in 1733

walls of fort looking over the moat wall edge

more of fort

looking down into the moat and bridge entrance

close up of bridge over moat and dungeon rooms below

looking across the park and edge of fort to the lagoon

across from fort on beach edge, cabanas and coconut palm trees

Lovely Senora that made me such a lovely breakfast in Bacular, standing...

leaving Bacular, this is the main street.

bougenvilla flowers and ivy in full color, on street out of Bacular

major highway between Cancun and Chetumal. mileage markers

man walking to his field with rake and napsack

up the road were three men working on siding their mayan house...

close up. Note the slender trees are woven in and out of...

closer view of tree weaving. House is mudded inside and out. No...

When I was done looking the men when back to digging up...

This looks like real good soil, but they had to move a...

Bacular, then up the road to Tulum:

I'm going to leave Chetumal today and go back to Bacular for the night then head up to Tulum in the morning.

I posted all the pictures except for Becan, Calakmul and rest of Kuhunlich. That gives you about 600 pictures to chew on until I get back to a strong computer. I have been here in Chetumal for 3 days on the computer. I am fried. The rain started to sprinkle when I pulled out of town this afternoon. I have to drive 40 miles up the road to arrive in Bacular before dark so I and see where I am going. I stopped for gas on the way out of town, no mistakes this time. There was a man going from car to car carrying a tray of what looked like sandwiches. I inquired what they were. He said jamon and queso. Oh, my favorite, they were prepared with flaky pastry crust dough, kind of like a pie folded over to make a half of pie shape. They were 50 cents each so I purchased two. I started to eat one after I purchased my gas and was driving up the road. They were the most delicious things I ever had.

I almost turned back to get some more but was afraid the man would be gone. I was going to lose daylight anyway.

This time the caretaker at Casita Carolina was waiting for me and had my guest room ready. I settled in and spent the rest of the night listening to someone down the road strumming a guitar. It was bad enough that the fleabag hotel in Chetumal was located over a bar and I had musical bedtime songs every night there. I managed to get through that night and felt better after a shower in the morning. You know, living in the US with access to dryers to finish your laundry makes you spoiled for soft fluffy towels. It seemed a lot of the places in Mexico had to line dry their towels, which made for a stiff scratchy piece of material to rub down your body and exfoliate with at the same time. Some parts of my body were not in need of having extra skin taken off. Oh, well. Now this was one of those times that I would suggest a dryer would be worth considering.

I took pictures of Carolina's lovely place before I checked out. The weather had improved to give some sunshine. I went into the town of Bacular and ran right into what I had missed a couple of days earlier in the dark. The Fort of San Felipe sits right on the plaza of the town. I spent some time looking at the huge fort then went across the street to have breakfast with the lovely Senora at her café. She remembered me and fixed me a really nice plate of eggs and rice. I ate it at one of her sidewalk tables. I took her picture in her kitchen and when I left she gave me a big hug. All of this, you understand was done with no English, no Spanish but a cross culture friendliness of love. She was a real sweetie.

It was time to head up the coast to Tulum. Not far up the road I spotted three men in the process of building a Mayan house. I stopped and gestured to them that I wanted to see how they were building the house and take pictures. I was given the royal 15-minute tour. They were friendly and showed me how they constructed the sticks and put on the mortar between the gaps. The man gestured inside and motioned with his arms 'no frio', when the house was completed with all the mortar in place. It looked roomy and comfy even only partly done. It must have been 12x18 with a dirt floor. When I left they went back to work hoeing up the dirt and mixing the corn leaves into it to make more of the mortar mix for the house. More later, love you all Gay.

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