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Today most of our group had signed up for the full day snorkelling trip. We left at 10am and had sailing boat to ourselves and sailed out to the reef which took about an hour. The first stop, coral garden, didnt have much in the way of sea life but gave us a chance to get used to our snorkelling gear and see some of the amazing corals. We then got back on the boat and sailed on to Sharkway Alley! Before we even got in the water we could see sharks and sting rays swimming round the boat! But they are harmless apparently as the sharks are only bottom feederd so their mouths only a couple of centimetres and they were only about 5 feet long. It was still amazing to be floating on top of the water and have a massive stingray swim about 2 feet below you! The coral reef wasamazing as well with some huge brain corals and so many different colours. We had to be very careful not to touch or scrape it with our flippers as it was very shallow in places, only about 6 feet deep. We then got back on the boat and had our lunch that was provided for us, which was red snapper fillet sandwiches! We then sailed on to our third stop. It was much deeper here and we had to be a bit careful as the current was much stronger and pulling us away from the reef out towards sea and the deep channel where the speed boats come in. It was fine though and we stayed near our snorkelling guide and he told us what all the fish were. We saw more sharks, sting rays, eagle rays, french angel fish, eels and many more. There was also an underwater cave that you could swim through if you could hold your breath for that long as it was about 18 feet deep and we found the pressure hurt our ears too much going that deep. And you certainly wouldnt want to find you ran out of breath in the middle of the cave! We then got back on the boat again and slowly sailed home with lots of rum punch which was also provided! It was a great day out and really nice to spend the day sunbathing on the boat and snorkelling with all the sea life and to see the corals.

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