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We got to sleep in today, not that we did. We went for a walk downtown and then met the others in the lobby to catch the bus to the airport. There we boarded a plane for Peurto Muldanado, in the Amazon basin. Upon arrival we were hit with a wall of humidity, then into another bus to the óffice´which is based in a community that literally translated means ¨hell´. Yup. Everyone either walks, or rides a bike or motorbike. Even the taxis are motor bikes. Then we took what we needed from our back packs and transferred it to the duffels they provided and got back on the bus for an interesting ride through the jungle for about an hour. Off the bus and onto a long canoe like boat with a 70hp motor on it. It had a canopy for which we were VERY thankful as we had come from the nice cool mountains and it was over 30 degrees with 100% humidity. Along the way up the Tambopata River we saw monkeys, macaws and lots of other birds. AFter almost 2 hours we arrived at the lodge. Solar panels heat water but there´s no other power so everything is lit by candle or lantern. The lodge is adorable and very comfortable. We share a bungalow with another couple but each has it´s own bathroom.

After a nice dinner we went for a night hike and saw lots of bugs and spiders and listened to the sounds of the jungle. It´s certainly NOT a quiet place.

The bungalow is covered in fine mosquito screen but there is no glass or windows. It´s open and airy and very comfortable. It's a beautiful spot and very peacefull. The sounds of the jungle are comforting.

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