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Well we got to Niagara falls about midday, after a lateish start. Niagara falls are supposed to be the Honeymoon capital of Canada and so people have called the falls the wife's second biggest dissapointment. They are quite wide falls, but not as eye pleasing as some that we have seen already - so a bit of an anticlimax.

We took a maid of the mist tour which gets up close and it's then that you see how impressive the falls are, and then that you realise how stupid everyone looks in a blue poncho.

The town at Niagara is really tackey and touristy and can best be described as blackpool. Still we came back in the evening to sample it's delights. The best bit was Richard - my tent mate, getting terrified by a michael Myers lookalike outside one of the haunted houses. Threats to buy a Myers masks have continued ever since.

We went to the Hershey's shop (yes Caz I did buy you some hugs) and then to the Hulk ride. This was frankly a crock of shit, with some loud noises that happened when you sood on obvious trip pads. We consoled ourselves with huge ice cream from dairy queen.

On the way back we made the mistake of asking if we could try going out for breakfast, to which our leader said that she would make pancakes in the morning. This was a double edged sword - while lovely they were unfortunately huge amounts, and eating until you felt ill slowed us down in the morning

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