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Penobscot River

Grindstone Rapids (I couldn't stop at the Falls)

It was very foggy when i woke up, so I turned over and slept for another hour. By the time I ate, packed up, got gas, and made my way through Presque Isle, it was 11 AM!

I had a pleasant drive down route 11, the logging road. I was ahead of an empty logging truck for a long time but I didn't seem to be slowing him down, he stayed back a bit and didn't pass when he had the chance to. Then I came up on a full logging truck and that became a slow drive for at least 40 minutes, as it was work for him to get up some of the hills. I blew by him when finally one of the hills had a slow lane. The empty truck stayed behind the full one and soon I couldn't see either of them.

At about 1 PM, I was putting my nose to the grindstone and had hoped to be able to stop at a rest area I saw on the map. It was too little for me to get into, so I stopped on the shoulder a little way further to have lunch and a short break. I had driven past a little town called Grindstone and was now looking at the Penobscot River and Grindstone Rapids!

The rest of the trip was uneventful, but I did go on 95 for about 30 miles and there were no tolls! The map said the entire length of it was a toll road, so I took the long way to get to it!

The road to the campground was a bit rough, but I've been on rough roads before, so it was nothing new. The campground seems small but has all the amenities. There's a horseshoe pit, a pool, kayak rentals, a volleyball net and grass court, and an area for croquet. behind my site is a long grassy area that looks like a good place to play bocce.

I am here for an RVW rally for the Northeastern chapter and I know a woman from the Albany area. There was a little social gathering at 5 PM to meet and greet the attendees. I don't remember many names. Right now I am going to the campfire for a little while and we'll see what people are going to do tomorrow. There are no planned activities - a very informal rally.

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