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We finally left the western shore of Florida after six weeks easing down the coast and drove two+ hours to Homestead. We tried to stay here after a Caribbean cruise one Christmas vacation, but Hurricane Andrew blew our motel and all of Homestead away. The town is nicely located between the main part of Everglades National Park and the drive to the Keys, but it is not really a tourist town. It is surrounded by lots of agricultural activity and many of the folks who live in the area work in the fields. So, we are not seeing the lavish homes with the Mercedes in the parked front and cabin cruiser docked in the back. We remember Homestead as being rather ticky tacky and rundown, but since it has all been rebuilt, today it looks ticky tacky, but in good repair. A stop at the drug store left me with the feeling that I was the only native English speaker in the area.

After three weeks of outstanding weather with comfortable temperatures and blue skies, we should not complain about today's rain. The locals are delighted. Fields and gardens that have not been irrigated look brown and dry. And the poor weather forecasters finally have something to talk about. We laugh every time they talk about a cold front coming through. What that means is the temperature goes down about 4ยบ and the humidity lessens. The forecasters spend much of their TV time talking about what's going on up north, much more interesting, this year in particular. Perhaps they are targeting their snowbird audience, delighted to hear about all the snow and ice that they are missing.

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