Anthony's Interesting Times 2004 travel blog

Fisherperson's raft on Li Jiang

Boats on the Li Jiang

Typical view on my boat trip - karst and bamboo

Returning to 'port'

'Illegal' boat on river

Typical intensive Chinese use of any available land - very common sight

I had arranged with Phoenix to find her this morning, and she would sort out with a relative in the town of Xingping for me to get a boat on the River Li. Couldn't find her though, so I went there on a bus on my own and worked it out. The reason to do this was as the official boat-trips are very expensive indeed, but they are an eighth of the price if you get these 'illegal' ones.

There was some hiccup at the start, as apparently there were police around somewhere, but then an all clear, and a couple of hours on the Li Jiang, which was pretty cool (though very hot), the river winding between the ubiquitous karst peaks. And being China we all get to stand in dangerous parts of the boat to take pictures, etc.

And then I arranged this afternoon to move hotel tomorrow, to a lot nearer West Street, as I have grown very fond of it, just sitting in the cafes and bars watching the world go by, I could do that for a very long time. However, probably only a couple of days more, I must book my ticket out of here soon, or I will never leave. I have booked two more nights in my new place, behind West Street, and at the very top of a building, cool little atic room, air-con, shower, etc four quid a night. Bargain.

And Heather moves out today, though this is not the place to discuss any of that.

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