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So a long drive to Kings Canyon National Park, actually one park together with the adjacent Sequoia National Park. I have this cute folksy cabin with a stove, etc, that looks like the Injuns are going to ride up any minute and burn it down. It is generally about 7,000 feet up here, lots of forested mountain ridges. I had time for a few walks today, the first along a ridge for a few miles with good views of the High Sierra peaks. And then I did a couple of walks around the local Sequoia groves, a whole step bigger trees than the ones I saw in Yosemite. Amazing stuff, though not sure pictures can really capture the scale. Seems to be a slightly older, more refined class of person here than in Yosemite, perhaps as it is less popular?

I was woken at about 11 pm by what I thought was a bear nosing around outside my cabin but turned out to be a mouse scoffing the contents of my daypack (it was very noisy). I had brought all the stuff in away from the bears so they wouldn't pull my car doors off their hinges, but then had to move it into drawers away from the mice, who luckily aren't so strong.

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